How to Make a Baby Shower Gift Basket with the 16L CleverCrate

January 29, 2017 2 min read

We are always looking for creative and clever ways to personal gifts we give to family and friends. A great way to make a gift feel extra special is to add some personalized touches. I recently was invited to my friend’s baby shower and knew that I wanted to make her a gift basket with a few different baby essentials. 


Follow this simple guide to create your own baby shower gift basket for a special friend and their little one!

 – 1 CleverCrate, I used the 16L size 
    – Scissors
      – Packing Paper or Newspaper
        – Colorful Ribbon, different widths
          – Rubber Bands
            – Diapers
              – Set of Receiving Blankets
                –Stuffed Animal


                  Grab a few diapers and equal number of rubber bands. Roll the diapers and secure with the rubber bands.



                  Once you have all the diapers rolled, pull out your ribbon. Cut the wider ribbon to fit around the diaper roll, leave a 1/2 inch of overlap. Cut the thinner ribbon long enough to wrap around the diaper and tie a bow. 


                  Wrap the wider ribbon around the center of the diaper, covering the rubber band. Take your thinner ribbon and wrap that around the center of the wider ribbon, tie into a bow to secure. Once you are finished with your diaper rolls, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with the receiving blankets.

                  Once you have your diapers and blankets wrapped it's time to start building the gift basket.

                  Crinkle up some packing paper. Open the CleverCrate and place the paper in bottom of the crate. This will give you a good base to place your presents on.

                  Not only does the CleverCrate make a great base for this gift basket, it can be repurposed for many other needs of a new family! Storing extra diapers and wipes in your car, a quick shopping trip or a tiny baby hamper:)

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