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All mom really wants is quality time with you. Actually, if we're being real here, she probably wants lunch with Hugh Jackman or maybe a foot massage from George Clooney. But that's not happening. So let's fall back on the idea that all she really wants is time with you.

Here are 5 ideas for packing a SnapBasket and sharing time you'll remember for a lot longer than that time she got a foot massage from a creepy old guy with thick stubble and a gravelly voice.

1. Cook your mom's favorite childhood meal together

  • Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Thermo
  • Your packing list: hit the grocery store and gather the ingredients for her favorite childhood meal. 
  • For bonus points: write up the recipe and frame it as a keepsake.

Mother's Day: Shop for Mom's Favorite Recipe

2. Start a fresh and floral spring garden

  • Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket XL
  • Your packing list: Seed packets, flower starters, gardening gloves and a wide-brimmed hat. And if you're feeling fancy, throw in a bird feeder.
  • Tip: \ which vegetables, plants and flowers thrive in your area this time of year.

3. Drive-up movie or backyard movie viewing

  • Your SnapBasket: the classic black and gray
  • Your packing list: popcorn (the kernels not the microwave bags) and sweet and salty toppings, Goobers, Junior Mints, your mom's beverage of choice and a couple throw blankets to sit on or curl up in.
  • Tip: don't let bugs ruin the mood, consider bug spray or a repellent candle.

4. Do moms like picnics? Heck yes.

  • Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Thermo XL
  • Your packing list: a plethora of finger foods, chilled chardonnay and glasses (don't forget the corkscrew), napkins, and an oversized blanket. 
  • Tip: Put some thought into the location. It must have one of the following: a view, a body of water, or an idyllic scene from yesteryear. 

Mother's Day idea: picnic by the bay

5. Make like locavores and visit the Farmer's Market

  • Your SnapBasket: to fit in with the cool kids, we recommend the ever-trendy coral and aqua
  • Your packing list: This is fool proof. Nothing. The SnapBasket starts out empty. The experience will entail filling it up with local food, produce and hand-made goods.
  • Tip: bring cash. You don't want to have to pass on a pound of loquats because the vendor doesn't have Square. 

Mother's Day Idea: Hit the Farmer's Market

Okay now go! Go create some memories.

We use the term "neat freak" lovingly. They are the kings of organization and who doesn't want to be organized? But at the same time, they're hard to shop for because they don't like clutter. That's why we suggest fueling their organizing obsession with these awesome gifts.

clever gifts for neat freaks


  1. A Scarf Hanger, like this one from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Cute and functional, which is a winning combination for a neat freak. 
  2. Is your neat freak always on the go? Check out this Universal Electronics Organizer, which looks good and has a pocket or strap for virtually everything.
  3. A copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It might seem counter-intuitive to gift a book about tidying up to one of the tidiest people you know, but trust us on this. 
  4. Taking "a place for everything" literally with this Takeout Menu Organizer. Good for home or wherever your neat freak goes to work.
  5. Spontaneous messes be gone! CleverCrates will ensure your neat freak is equipped to contain stray objects no matter where they are--in the car, the garage, the playroom, or out and about. Best of all, they collapse flat and tuck away when not in use.