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Is your Dad is one of those guys who “has everything” and as a matter of fact, he has all of it in a giant pile in the garage? This year, the best gift may be something he doesn’t even realize he needs. Organization of a garage or workshop can fully change the way the space is utilized. Surprise Dad with an orderly version of his gear garage and you’ll be his favorite this year (no, but really).

These tips will help you give Dad’s garage a game-changing transformation:

Hang it – Optimizing wall and ceiling space is the easiest, most economic way to make the most of garage space. Getting those bikes up on hooks, the canoe in the rafters and a grid-wall for tool organization, can clear floor space in no time.

Organize it – Baseball glove next to the lawn mower? Organizing like items together will keep Dad from wasting time searching. If you want to go the extra mile, color-coding by hobby can be helpful, for example: blue for sports equipment, green for yard and garden, orange for tools. Once you’ve decided what will go where, you can select your CleverCrates and storage bins by color so Dad knows exactly where to find that glove.

Rack it – Make use of any remaining vertical space with shelving racks. Adjust the shelf heights to the size of your storage containers to optimize space. Freestanding shelves are a good option, Dad can move them around as he sees fit.

Stack it – Take advantage of all the space around the perimeter of the garage, even those awkward corners. Using CleverCrates active storage system will allow Dad to stack, un-stack and easily move items around whenever he needs them.

Fold it – Choose storage options that fold flat when not in use. CleverCrates are sturdy and ready for a heavy load when open but collapse flat for tidy storage. Put a stack in the back of Dad’s car so he can transport gear easily from trunk to garage.


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