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Laundry Duffel LUXE

Stylish Laundry Duffel, Tote or Backpack

  • The Laundry Duffel LUXE is a stylish laundry duffel, tote, or backpack with vegan leather accents. Perfect for any home or dorm room. This polyester bag carries two loads of laundry and hauls up to 40 pounds. With three ways to carry: Duffel bag carry on its side, carry handles over the shoulder, or as a backpack, this multipurpose duffel bag can be used at the beach, for weekend trips or day trips to name a few. When not in use, simply fold and stow the super-compact Laundry Duffel LUXE.

Stylish Laundry Duffel, Tote or Backpack

Laundry Duffel LUXE in a bedroom corner

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