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Here’s where CleverMade started, with our collapsible carrying and active storage solution, CleverCrates that has people saying, “Now why didn’t I think of that?” A design like this isn’t necessarily easy to come up with, but it sure seems simple. And it certainly is clever. Lightweight, durable and compact. What could be better?


This is no ordinary line of crates. Despite their capacity to carry a heavy load, CleverCrates’ hinged frame designs allow them to collapse flat when not in use, saving space at home or in the trunk. Plus, our interlocking, stackable design allows crates to stack when opened or collapsed. Now that’s smart.


go everywhere. do everything.

What can you carry with CleverCrates? Just about anything. Featuring lightweight and rugged construction (whether solid wall or open grate) as well as side grip handles, they’re built to provide total utility and flexibility in transport and storage.

nice to have choices!

What suits you best? Large or small? Solid wall or grated? What color matches your personal style? CleverCrates provides choices in sizes, styles and colors that will fit all your needs and preferences.