it’s time to say “Bye-bye” to the bags

snap it!

One-time shopping bags are simply wasteful, and reusable ones are clumsy and unstable. SnapBasket provides a brilliant solution with a lightweight, sturdy design that pops up to a spacious and structured soft-sided basket, and folds down flat when you’re not using it. It just feels good when you can save both space and the environment.


SnapBasket’s structured frame, rigid floor and stability feet allow it to snap up into a sturdy basket that stands on its own. You get fast and easy loading and unloading in a basket that won’t tip over. With SnapBasket’s abundant 30 liters of storage capacity and its ability to hold 25+ pounds, (not to mention the zippered pocket for valuables) you have one seriously high-utility carrying solution.


SnapBaskets not only provide tremendous utility, but they look great as well. With a variety of
attractive color choices, you’ll be shopping in style