Kate Paiz

March 15, 2019 1 min read

Hi all, my name is Kate Mulvey Paiz and I am the Creative Director at CleverMade. One of my favorite aspects of working at CleverMade is photographing people enjoying our products in their everyday lives.

There is a particular product that I use almost everyday, it is the new CleverMade Wine Cooler. A few years ago you could have found me toting wine on a daily basis. But as a working mom the CleverMade Wine Cooler has turned into trusty transport for my pumped milk. I just throw the cooler in the fridge at work when I first get in. As I pump throughout the day I simply fill the Wine Cooler with my milk for my baby, Charlie. At the end of the day I grab the Wine Cooler and go and the cooler keeps my milk cold on my ride home. If I know I am going to run errands after work I will put the inner removable ice pack into the freezer buying me more time.

The CleverMade Wine Cooler is a truly versatile product: it makes a great hostess gift, a lunch bag, or I my case a tote for my milk and a fun toy for baby Charlie:)