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Anyone else sick of purchasing Easter baskets that you can only use one Sunday a year?! 

Follow this simple step by step guide to turn any EcoBasket (or SnapBasket) into a personalized Easter basket. Best part, once Easter is over remove the embellishments and continue to use your EcoBasket for shopping, picnics and overnight trips!

– 2 EcoBaskets 
    – Scissors
      – 4 Colorful Sheets of Felt
        – Foam Sticker Letters
          – Safety Pins
            – Flower Stencils
              – Needle and Thread
                –Colorful Ribbon


                  Place your names on the colorful side of the felt, once you find a layout you like stick them down. Cut out around the letters to create your nameplate.

                  To make the flower embellishments, cut out of the paper flower stencils. Flip over the felt and trace the flower stencil. Cut out a variety of sizes to decorate your EcoBasket with. 

                  If you are lucky you might have felt with a floral pattern. Simply cut around the flowers and leaves you like for decorating your basket.

                  Arrange the nameplate and flower cutouts on your basket to your liking. Use the safety pins to secure the decorations in place while you tack or baste them to the basket. 

                  Expert Tip: use the thread to create a pretty design in the middle of your flower rather than trying to hid the stitch!

                  Once the baskets are done fill them up with lots of Easter goodies!



                  We are always looking for creative and clever ways to personal gifts we give to family and friends. A great way to make a gift feel extra special is to add some personalized touches. I recently was invited to my friend’s baby shower and knew that I wanted to make her a gift basket with a few different baby essentials. 


                  Follow this simple guide to create your own baby shower gift basket for a special friend and their little one!

                   – 1 CleverCrate, I used the 16L size 
                    – Scissors
                      – Packing Paper or Newspaper
                        – Colorful Ribbon, different widths
                          – Rubber Bands
                            – Diapers
                              – Set of Receiving Blankets
                                –Stuffed Animal


                                  Grab a few diapers and equal number of rubber bands. Roll the diapers and secure with the rubber bands.



                                  Once you have all the diapers rolled, pull out your ribbon. Cut the wider ribbon to fit around the diaper roll, leave a 1/2 inch of overlap. Cut the thinner ribbon long enough to wrap around the diaper and tie a bow. 


                                  Wrap the wider ribbon around the center of the diaper, covering the rubber band. Take your thinner ribbon and wrap that around the center of the wider ribbon, tie into a bow to secure. Once you are finished with your diaper rolls, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with the receiving blankets.

                                  Once you have your diapers and blankets wrapped it's time to start building the gift basket.

                                  Crinkle up some packing paper. Open the CleverCrate and place the paper in bottom of the crate. This will give you a good base to place your presents on.

                                  Not only does the CleverCrate make a great base for this gift basket, it can be repurposed for many other needs of a new family! Storing extra diapers and wipes in your car, a quick shopping trip or a tiny baby hamper:)

                                  As of today over 100 counties and municipalities from coast to coast have implemented laws banning plastic bags. Tomorrow the people of California have the power to enact a state wide bag ban by voting YES on Prop 67.

                                  A Yes Vote on Prop 67 will help protect our oceans and wildlife, prevent litter and save California taxpayers money.

                                  How, you may ask, is banning plastic bags going to prevent, protect and save? Check out the Surfrider Foundation and Heal the Bay's Top 10 Reasons to Vote Yes on Prop 67.


                                  Want more information on Prop 67? 

                                  sources: Surfrider, CA Yes on 67, Wikipedia

                                  Our SnapBasket product family is growing which means the ways in which to use them are growing as well. We all know that you can use the SnapBasket and SnapBasket Thermo for shopping and the SnapBasket Cooler for a beach day, but what else? Here are some clever ways to get the most out of our SnapBasket line!

                                  THE GROCERY GETTER:
                                  Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket

                                  Besides being terrible for the environment, single use grocery bags easily rip, are just plain boring, and are even banned in many cities. Not your new SnapBasket though, it’s strong, vibrant, and accepted at grocery stores worldwide! Once you’re home, just collapse the basket and toss it in your trunk. Voila!

                                  THE CRAFT COMPANION:
                                  Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket XL

                                  Whether you're crocheting the next family blanket, or just working on a small project, SnapBasket keeps you organized and on the go. Once your project is complete, collapse it down and tuck it away..or start a new one!

                                  THE SNACK STATION:
                                  Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Cooler

                                  Fresh orange slices and ice-cold drinks, a staple of almost any youth sports game. By the end of the game though that drink isn't ice cold, and room temperature oranges just won't do. SnapBasket Cooler to the rescue! Keep your snacks nice and cold throughout the game without the need for that bulky cooler.

                                  THE POTLUCK PAL:
                                  Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Thermo

                                  Nobody likes a cold queso dip… well, unless you’re Aunt Sue. SnapBasket Thermo keeps your favorite warm dishes warm, and cold food cold. Aunt Sue may like her queso dip cold, but not her famous casserole! After the festivities, just wipe clean and collapse flat for easy storage.


                                  How do you Snap? Let us know on Facebook!


                                  World Oceans Day started in 2002 with the help of The Ocean Project. In 2008, the United Nations officially named June 8th World Oceans Day. 

                                  Our oceans generate most of the air we breath, they feed us, regulate our climate and clean the water we drink. As a global community we need to promote prevention of plastic pollution in our oceans.

                                  • We use over 3 trillion plastic bags every year worldwide: 3,000,000,000,000! And only 1% is recycled. 
                                  • Single-use plastic bags littering our environment kill over 100,000 marine animals each year.
                                  • Single use plastic bags take over 400 years to biodegrade! 

                                  While some great steps have been taken to reduce the worlds plastic use there is still more that needs to be done.

                                  How can you help:

                                  1. Sign up for a local beach or park cleanup.

                                  2. Take the Better Bag Challenge and ditch the plastic bags, our SnapBaskets and EcoBaskets are a superior substitute!

                                  3. Invest in an eco-friendly stainless steel water bottle, like Klean Kanteen

                                  Let's work together to make Healthy Oceans and a Healthy Planet.



                                  -sources: San Diego Coastkeeper,




                                  All mom really wants is quality time with you. Actually, if we're being real here, she probably wants lunch with Hugh Jackman or maybe a foot massage from George Clooney. But that's not happening. So let's fall back on the idea that all she really wants is time with you.

                                  Here are 5 ideas for packing a SnapBasket and sharing time you'll remember for a lot longer than that time she got a foot massage from a creepy old guy with thick stubble and a gravelly voice.

                                  1. Cook your mom's favorite childhood meal together

                                  • Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Thermo
                                  • Your packing list: hit the grocery store and gather the ingredients for her favorite childhood meal. 
                                  • For bonus points: write up the recipe and frame it as a keepsake.

                                  Mother's Day: Shop for Mom's Favorite Recipe

                                  2. Start a fresh and floral spring garden

                                  • Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket XL
                                  • Your packing list: Seed packets, flower starters, gardening gloves and a wide-brimmed hat. And if you're feeling fancy, throw in a bird feeder.
                                  • Tip: \ which vegetables, plants and flowers thrive in your area this time of year.

                                  3. Drive-up movie or backyard movie viewing

                                  • Your SnapBasket: the classic black and gray
                                  • Your packing list: popcorn (the kernels not the microwave bags) and sweet and salty toppings, Goobers, Junior Mints, your mom's beverage of choice and a couple throw blankets to sit on or curl up in.
                                  • Tip: don't let bugs ruin the mood, consider bug spray or a repellent candle.

                                  4. Do moms like picnics? Heck yes.

                                  • Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Thermo XL
                                  • Your packing list: a plethora of finger foods, chilled chardonnay and glasses (don't forget the corkscrew), napkins, and an oversized blanket. 
                                  • Tip: Put some thought into the location. It must have one of the following: a view, a body of water, or an idyllic scene from yesteryear. 

                                  Mother's Day idea: picnic by the bay

                                  5. Make like locavores and visit the Farmer's Market

                                  • Your SnapBasket: to fit in with the cool kids, we recommend the ever-trendy coral and aqua
                                  • Your packing list: This is fool proof. Nothing. The SnapBasket starts out empty. The experience will entail filling it up with local food, produce and hand-made goods.
                                  • Tip: bring cash. You don't want to have to pass on a pound of loquats because the vendor doesn't have Square. 

                                  Mother's Day Idea: Hit the Farmer's Market

                                  Okay now go! Go create some memories.

                                  We use the term "neat freak" lovingly. They are the kings of organization and who doesn't want to be organized? But at the same time, they're hard to shop for because they don't like clutter. That's why we suggest fueling their organizing obsession with these awesome gifts.

                                  clever gifts for neat freaks


                                  1. A Scarf Hanger, like this one from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Cute and functional, which is a winning combination for a neat freak. 
                                  2. Is your neat freak always on the go? Check out this Universal Electronics Organizer, which looks good and has a pocket or strap for virtually everything.
                                  3. A copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It might seem counter-intuitive to gift a book about tidying up to one of the tidiest people you know, but trust us on this. 
                                  4. Taking "a place for everything" literally with this Takeout Menu Organizer. Good for home or wherever your neat freak goes to work.
                                  5. Spontaneous messes be gone! CleverCrates will ensure your neat freak is equipped to contain stray objects no matter where they are--in the car, the garage, the playroom, or out and about. Best of all, they collapse flat and tuck away when not in use. 

                                  As a new mom whose day never goes as planned, ever, I have been learning the hard way that good planning and preparedness eases the pains of a day going off-course.

                                  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that good planning and preparedness has not only eased the pains of my unpredictable baby life, but it has enhanced my family’s ability to be spontaneous and enjoy more of what’s in front of us.

                                  Part of the preparedness equation is keeping 2 Clever Crates in my car at all times. One Clever Crate is full, and one is empty and collapsed. Let me elaborate.


                                  1 Full Crate

                                  Collapsible Crate ready to pack

                                  Crate 1, the full crate, contains baby essentials, hot day essentials, cold day essentials. I recommend the 16L shopping basket as your full crate because it holds a lot (everything you see in this photo), but it doesn't take up a lot of room in your car. 

                                  Here's the complete list of items I keep packed and ready:

                                  • For Baby:
                                    • Diapers & wipes
                                    • Snacks that keep in a hot car
                                    • Onesie
                                    • Shoes
                                    • Sweatshirt
                                    • Hat
                                    • Light blanket
                                    • Warm blanket
                                  • Other
                                    • Large, durable blanket
                                    • Athletic shoes
                                    • Sunscreen
                                    • Bottled water
                                    • Small amount of cash including coins for meters
                                    • A few Ziploc bags

                                  Collapsible Crate full of essentialsCollapsible Crate for the car

                                  Whenever we use items from our essentials crate, we replenish as soon as we get home. This is key!

                                  This crate is what my family needs to be able to say YES to an unplanned opportunity for fun or adventure, and what we need to avoid uncomfortable baby-related "situations" (moms, you know what I'm talking about).

                                  1 Empty Crate

                                  Collapsible Crate, empty and folded flatCrate 2, the collapsed crate, tucks neatly underneath crate 1 and remains that way…. Until we need it. We’ve loaded it up with all kinds of spoils, from farmers market plants, to groceries, to a hand-me-down disassembled train set. It comes in handy all the time.

                                  After transporting the goods, the crate simply folds back down.

                                  For the empty crate, I recommend the larger 32L grated wall crate. 32 liters is surprisingly big, but it's also manageable to carry when it's all loaded up. I've specified the grated wall version of the crate because when we use it to transport messy things, the plants for example, we can just hose it off and set it in the sun to dry.


                                  Crates May Vary

                                  While my full crate has mostly baby goods, your full crate should hold whatever supports your active lifestyle and allows you to go anywhere on a whim. And your collapsed crate, like mine, is a symbol of possibility. Imagine what it might hold now that you're prepared for anything. 

                                  This post contributed by Kelsey Olanoff, CleverMade's digital gal, and an active San Diego mom.

                                  There’s a special time of year that falls between summer and all-things-pumpkin. It’s the glorious start to the football season and, perhaps more importantly, tailgating! And we couldn’t be more ready. This year, we’re doing it right. We’re dialing down the hassle so we can turn up the fun, food, family and overall enjoyment. Read on for our 6 tips for hassle-free tailgating so you too can get the most out of the season.

                                  Hassle-Free Tailgating, Image by Sean Hobson
                                  Image by Sean Hobson

                                  1. Give yourself time – one thing that can take the hassle and stress out of your tailgate is the most obvious. You know it. We know it. But it can’t be understated. Give yourself plenty of time. When time is on your side, weather, traffic and parking lot challenges are no big deal. 
                                  2. Test your grill – Don’t be that guy. The one that gets everyone fired up for the tailgate, but then can’t fire up his own grill. Especially on the first grill of the season. Clean it up and kick the tires because it’s (hopefully) going to be a long season.

                                    Test your grill to ensure a hassle-free tailgate season

                                    Tip inspired by twitter user @ redmansports: Tailgating grill up running tested #RMCFOOTBALL #TAILGATING

                                  3. Streamline the menu – pick your meat, marinate it the night before and stick to finger foods for the rest. Finger foods are self-contained, easier to share and tend to hold their freshness no matter how long your pre-game marathon. 
                                  4. Think foldable, collapsible, space-saving – whether it’s your tailgating furniture, games, BBQ or entertainment, if it folds down and takes up less space, you’re going to have more room for the good stuff.

                                  5. Build your grab-and-go BBQ toolkit – Keep your BBQ essentials together in one tidy container. Include your grilling tools—spatula, fork, tongs, lighter—but also include plates and utensils that are durable and re-usable. When the party’s over, pop open a CleverCrate, place the dirty dishes inside, and clean them when you get home.
                                  6. Invest in a better chair – If you’re an elite tailgater who sticks it out rain or shine, you deserve to be comfortable. Splurge on a chair that’s back and bum-friendly. Three features we can’t live without (and you shouldn’t either): wide seat, ventilated back, cup holder (duh!).

                                  CleverMade proudly sponsored the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s (CFF) annual giving event, “The 26th Culinary Evening with the California Winemasters,” which raised $1.65 million for vital Cystic Fibrosis (CF) research and care programs. 

                                  CleverMade donated 16 liter  CleverCrates, which became bold centerpieces on each table, overflowing with snacks and fruits. Each centerpiece went home with important members of CFF’s community including those who have Cystic Fibrosis or whose lives have been impacted by CF, advocates, volunteers and donors.


                                  In 26 years, this event alone has raised $28 million dollars that have gone toward finding a cure. Thank you to CFF for allowing us to be a part of this event.

                                  More important facts about the disease:

                                  • This life-threatening, genetic disease affects about 30,000 people nationwide and 70,000 worldwide.
                                  • The life expectancy of someone born with CF has doubled in the last 30 years. Today, many people with CF are living into their 30s, 40s, and beyond.
                                  • Nearly every CF drug currently available was made possible through Foundation support.
                                  • Once considered exclusively a childhood disease, approximately half of all people living with CF today are over the age of 18.

                                  Follow these quick links to get involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation:

                                  Raise awareness about the disease.

                                  Donate to CFF.

                                  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

                                  Shop the Rosie G kids clothing line.

                                  Grace Rose, the 12-year-old founder of Rosie G who spoke at the event