Heavy: 9 Best Collapsible Coolers: Compare, Buy & Save

July 16, 2020 2 min read

Oftentimes you need a large capacity cooler for your outdoor endeavors, but just don’t have the space to pack a full size, hard-sided cooler. While soft-sided coolers can be an effective solution, a collapsible cooler that packs slim and compact when not in use can really save you some space. 

Our top list has tracked down the best foldable and collapsible coolers both big and small for minimizing the effort of transport and storage while maximizing your carrying capacity.

The CleverMade 50 Can Collapsible Cooler 

is an unsung hero in the collapsible cooler world that sports impressive ice retention, overall capacity and integrated features for the cost!

If you’re looking for something that’s fairly high capacity without the steep price tag, this one should definitely be on your radar! It can pack up to 50 cans and then collapses down to less than three inches.

This cooler is effectively leak-proof, includes both zippered and mesh external pockets, and features an integrated bottle opener. Considering its capacity and its versatility, the price is staggeringly low on this one. 

Collapse this soft cooler and pack it into a suitcase on your next vacation, or stash it out of sight, out of mind during the off-season. The portability and storability of this option is not to be overlooked when you really consider how much space a cooler of this capacity would otherwise occupy.

This option despite its soft-bodied build can hold ice overnight and keep drinks ice cold for up to 36 hours. Once again, pretty impressive stats for a collapsible cooler at this price point.

The polyester blend that makes up the exterior of this option is not nearly as tough as some of the nylon and PVC alternatives you see on the market, but if you’re not too hard on it, this cooler should none the less hold up for at least a few seasons. It all depends on how hard you are on your gear.



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