Heavy: 7 Best Parcel Boxes For Safe Package Delivery

November 09, 2020 3 min read

Online shopping may be on the rise but package theft is uptrending right alongside it. If you don’t want to become a statistic, then you need a parcel drop box to deter porch pirates from plundering your packages. These vault mailboxes are resistant to the elements and much cheaper than a P.O. box, making them a sound choice for the Amazon shopaholic who wants to keep their deliveries safe.

 The CleverMade S100 Parcel LockBox is surprisingly secure for the price but it won’t work for everyone because of its comparatively small storage area of 18.1 x 18.1 x 22.6 inches. This is enough room to hold a few small packages but it probably will be too small for those who regularly order large or oddly-shaped items online. This shortcoming aside, the CleverMade S100 Parcel LockBox is a pretty solid parcel box.

It is made from heavy-gauge steel and comes with a mounting kit for use on wooden or concrete decks. It main security feature, though, is probably its built-in digital number pad lock, which can be used to restrict access to only those that know the numerical code. This is handy if you need to collect items from personal acquaintances but the average delivery person will be less likely to bother looking for the code in their delivery instructions. One user suggested removing one of the hydraulic struts so it can be partially closed for the delivery person. That way, they only need to open the lid, drop off the item, and it will lock shut when they are done.

Do You Really Need a Package Delivery Box?

If you have previously had a package stolen from your property, then you may already know the answer to this question. But even if you haven't, what are your chances that a package will get stolen from your porch?

According to a 2020 survey from Security.org, the answer depends on where you live. Metropolitan areas are a hotbed for larceny thefts, so it is reasonable to infer that those who live in more populous areas are at extra risk for package theft. But even looking past regional variances, 1 in 5 U.S. adults have had packages stolen in their life and that is certainly a cause for alarm.

A parcel drop box is one of the easiest ways to deter package thieves, as they make it harder for thieves to tell if you have any packages. Additionally, their sturdy frames can be locked or anchored to a nearby fixture preventing porch pirates from running off with your booty. It is not a catch-all solution but there rarely ever is in the world of security.

How to Tell Your Delivery Person to Use Your Parcel Box

Even after you go through the trouble of setting up a home package delivery box, your job isn't done until your delivery people know how to use it. The easiest way is to make a sign that clearly marks where packages should go.

Alternatively, you can contact the delivery services that you use most often and provide them with delivery instructions telling them specifically where your parcel box can be located. The downside of this method is that each package carrier needs to be contacted individually. Additionally, some services may charge a fee.

Here are some guides for setting up delivery instructions with some of the most popular mail services:



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