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Collapsible LUXE Tote

Premium Foldaway Carryall

Comparison Chart
Heather Grey
Rose Herringbone
Geometric Taupe
Heather Grey | Charcoal
Cream Olive
  • Our Collapsible LUXE Totes are chic, stylish, and sturdy on-the-go totes that you'll want to take with you EVERYWHERE. These are great for toting your belongings to work, your gear to yoga class, or everyday errands. The heavy-duty canvas tote with vegan leather handles hauls up to 30 pounds. Simply snap open and load up the Collapsible LUXE Tote for easy toting and when not in use, it folds down flat to less than 1.5" and stores neatly with the built-in WrapStrap™.

Premium Foldaway Carryall