Can someone steal my LockBox?

Your Parcel LockBox comes with an anchoring kit (a masonry drill bit and 4 anchoring screws) to secure your LockBox to the ground which will prevent the physical LockBox from being taken. You can learn more about this on the How to Anchor section.


How do I get my code to my delivery drivers?

The easiest way to do this is by downloading your carrier's app and updating your delivery preferences. If you do not want to download an app, the second line in your address is available to put instructions (ex. Put in LockBox Code 1234#) or by talking with your delivery driver when they are there to deliver a package with your new instructions.

What is the second line on my address?

The second line is after you list your street address and is a spot usually utilized for an apartment number or a suite number for a business. You can also place your LockBox code (ex. Put in LockBox Code 1234#) on this line to help carriers place your item in the correct spot.


Can I anchor into wood? 

Yes, anchoring into wood can be done the same way we have explained on our How to Anchor page. The video will show anchoring into concrete, but the same steps apply to anchoring into wood.


I forgot my code, what do I do?

You can reset your code using your key and holding down the reset button inside your LockBox for five seconds. You can find a video and guide to accomplish this on our Use & Assembly page under Program & Reprogram Your Code. 


I lost my key, what do I do?

If you need a key replacement, contact our customer support at lockbox@clevermade.com with your serial number for your LockBox so we can look up your specific box and mail a replacement key (this only works if you have registered your LockBox). 

How do I get my 10 Year Warranty?

To obtain your 10 Year Warranty, head on over to Register Your LockBox. We will then provide an email confirming your warranty.


Didn’t see your question? 

Contact us at lockbox@clevermade.com1-800-761-9602. Our hours of operation are 8AM - 5PM PST.