6 Tips for Hassle-Free Tailgating

September 17, 2015 2 min read

There’s a special time of year that falls between summer and all-things-pumpkin. It’s the glorious start to the football season and, perhaps more importantly, tailgating! And we couldn’t be more ready. This year, we’re doing it right. We’re dialing down the hassle so we can turn up the fun, food, family and overall enjoyment. Read on for our 6 tips for hassle-free tailgating so you too can get the most out of the season.

Image by Sean Hobson

  1. Give yourself time – one thing that can take the hassle and stress out of your tailgate is the most obvious. You know it. We know it. But it can’t be understated. Give yourself plenty of time. When time is on your side, weather, traffic and parking lot challenges are no big deal. 
  2. Test your grill – Don’t be that guy. The one that gets everyone fired up for the tailgate, but then can’t fire up his own grill. Especially on the first grill of the season. Clean it up and kick the tires because it’s (hopefully) going to be a long season.

    Test your grill to ensure a hassle-free tailgate season

    Tip inspired by twitter user @ redmansports: Tailgating grill up running tested #RMCFOOTBALL #TAILGATING

  3. Streamline the menu – pick your meat, marinate it the night before and stick to finger foods for the rest. Finger foods are self-contained, easier to share and tend to hold their freshness no matter how long your pre-game marathon. 
  4. Think foldable, collapsible, space-saving –whether it’s your tailgating furniture, games, BBQ or entertainment, if it folds down and takes up less space, you’re going to have more room for the good stuff.

  5. Build your grab-and-go BBQ toolkit – Keep your BBQ essentials together in one tidy container. Include your grilling tools—spatula, fork, tongs, lighter—but also include plates and utensils that are durable and re-usable. When the party’s over, pop open a CleverCrate, place the dirty dishes inside, and clean them when you get home.
  6. Invest in a better chair – If you’re an elite tailgater who sticks it out rain or shine, you deserve to be comfortable. Splurge on a chair that’s back and bum-friendly. Three features we can’t live without (and you shouldn’t either): wide seat, ventilated back, cup holder (duh!).

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