What’s Cooler Than Being Cool?

June 03, 2021 2 min read

Introducing Clever Ice

If you said, “Ice cold!” you’re on the right track. Now you might ask what could be cooler than that? Enter Clever Ice. That’s right folks, we did it. We have created the perfect addition for the coolers you already know and love. These ice packs will keep your drinks chillier for longer than ice and your freezer clutter-free.

Let’s break it down. We have three different sizes of Clever Ice: small, medium and large, and they come to you flat as a pancake with no ice in site. Never fear, these little fellas come with instructions, a funnel, and a cork. What could be more fun than that? Using the funnel, simply pour the instructed amount of water into the Clever Ice pack, place the cork in the hole for added leakproof security, and then twist the cap back on. Once the cap is nice and tight, it’s time to “shake it like a polaroid picture” until the contents are mixed to perfection. After that, simply lay the pack flat for 20 minutes while the mix does its magic and then place in the freezer for ten hours. Easy as can be.

The good news is that you’ll never have to fill these suckers up again (and you can just hold on to the funnel since it’s always good to have one around). After each use, simply refreeze Clever Ice and reuse for life! You will love yourself for buying these mighty ice packs. No more scrambling to make ice or, worse, opening your freezer and realizing you have none!

Simply place your Clever Ice packs in the cooler of your choosing and get to packing with your favorite drinks and snacks. Their slim profiles keep from taking up a lot of cooler space, while their specially formulated gel keeps them frozen way longer than ice. We love using the small one in our Sonoma Cooler LUXE to keep white wine perfectly chilled, the medium in our 18-Can Seaside to keep lunch from overheating, and large in our Maverick and Tahoe Coolers to keep everyone’s stuff cold. At the end of the day, remove Clever Ice and place back in the freezer for your next outing.

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