CleverMade Inside Look: Why We Set Out to Help the Diaper Bag Grow Up

December 02, 2020 3 min read

At CleverMade, we find joy in discovering–and sharing–surprisingly better ways of doing things. We love creating those “why didn’t I think of that?!” moments for our customers. Surprisingly better storage, better laundry, better coolers, better ways of lugging around your beach gear, better ways of chilling in a chair, and more. So why a diaper bag collection? 

Plain and simple, our team is made up of young moms and dads who have plenty of mom and dad friends, all of whom have been really frustrated with what was available when it came to bags used to run around with your kids. The natural question was, “Why don’t you come up with something better?” And our answer, as usual, was “OK, we will.” Our product team members started purchasing and testing all of the diaper bags they could get their hands on and asked all kinds of people what they wished they could have in a diaper bag. 

Our findings sparked incredible inspiration and drove the development of what’s arguably the best diaper bag line yet…

For the Fashionistas

Style mavens love a good vegan leather bag. It has a high end look that upgrades your outfit, while still being a durable material for all of babydom’s wet and sticky surprises. The problem with these stylish bags was that they functioned much like a purse, one big open area. So while they look great, getting a quick draw on your kid’s binky to stop a grocery store meltdown ended up with mom joining them on the ground kicking and screaming. Not to mention, they simply weren't comfortable. When you need to fill your bag with extra clothes, bottomless snacks, and toys, the shoulder straps sliding off or digging was a big “no thank you” for us.

For the Functionality Queens

So we turned to everyone’s favorite functional bags. These bags have a pocket for almost everything and the majority were backpacks vs. shoulder bags so that you had free hands for carrying your kids. Although these bags get the job done in organizing your gear, they also screamed “I’m a big, ugly diaper bag” and a lot of the parents we talked to really valued feeling and looking good while adventuring with their families. 

Enter the Lily Diaper Bag Collection

We decided that a great diaper bag shouldn’t sacrifice on either style or functionality. As a result, the Lily Diaper Backpacks and accessories were born… a perfect blend of fashion and function. Not only did we choose lush vegan leather material in gorgeous colors, we also created a removable divider that breaks our bag into two compartments. The bottom compartment is lined with an insulated wipeable material for the messy stuff and to keep your bottles and snacks cool, while the top compartment has multiple pockets to organize the important stuff. Our diaper backpacks open up like a doctor bag so you can see everything easily and will never have to dig again. We added padded straps for complete comfort and a bunch of other outside pockets to store your water bottle, changing pad, and a tablet.

Our favorite part about this collection is that it’s made by moms and dads for moms and dads. This entire collection was thoughtfully designed for YOU.Parenthood is an all-the time, on-the-go job. From diaper changes to bottle feeding. Endless outfit changes to bottomless snacks. We can’t wait to be right there with you to make it all a little easier (and help you look really good doing it).

It’s time for an upgrade.

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