CleverMade for Clever College Living

August 04, 2023 2 min read

Heading to College? CleverMade Essentials Will Make Dorm Life a Breeze!

The countdown to college has begun, and if you're about to embark on this exciting journey, you're probably knee-deep in packing lists, dorm room decorations, and the ever-important quest for making your dorm life as seamless as possible. Well, look no further! We've got the scoop on the must-have CleverMade essentials that will not only make dorm life easier but also add a touch of practicality and style to your new abode.

  1. Collapsible Storage Bins: The Organizational Wizards 🪄

Picture this: you've just moved into your dorm, and you're hit with the realization that the limited space isn't going to hold all your stuff 😳.  Enter Collapsible Storage Bins, the organizational rock stars of dorm life. These bins are like Mary Poppins' bottomless bag - they start off slim and compact, but once you unfold them, they reveal a spacious container ready to hold anything from clothes to books to random knick-knacks. Better yet, if you find yourself with any empty bin, simply collapse it down and store just about anywhere.

Collapsible Storage Bins in the trunk of the car for organization

  1. Laundry Duffel LUXE: Dirty Laundry, Meet Your Match

Ah, the dreaded laundry chore. But fear not, for the Laundry Duffel LUXE is here to rescue you from the piles of dirty clothes 👕🧦. This stylish duffel bag doubles as a laundry hamper, complete with backpack straps for easy hands-free toting. When laundry day arrives, sinch up the bag to keep your unmentionables hidden away.  As an added bonus, the sleek design means you won't be embarrassed to tote it down the hall to the laundry room. 

Young woman with laundry backpack on shoulder next to image of laundry backpack sitting on ground in front of laundry machines

  1. Convertible Laundry Hamper: Maximizing Space Never Looked so Good 

Let’s be real, everyone has different dorm needs; this is our other favorite pick 🤩. Here's the thing about dorm life - your limited space needs to be maximized. That's where the Convertible Laundry Hamper comes into play. This bag actually hangs on the back of your door so you don’t need to take up any additional floor space 🤯! It’s spacious and fold down for easy carrying to the laundry room.

 Over the door hanging hamper in bedroom and young man throwing dirty clothes backwards over his head into hamper

  1. Collapsible LUXE Tote: Tote-ally Amazing

Life as a college student involves a fair share of schlepping things around, whether it's books 📚 for class or snacks 🍎🍌 for those late-night study sessions. Collapsible LUXE Totes are about to become your new best friend. They fold down to a fraction of their size, making them perfect for stashing under your bed, in your closet, or even in a drawer. When you need it, it pops open to carry your belongings with ease. With its sleek design and sturdy handles, you'll tote-ally adore this bag 🎀. 

CleverMade for Clever College Living

As you gear up for the college adventure of a lifetime, don't forget to arm yourself with the essentials that will turn your dorm room into a cozy, organized haven. CleverMade Collapsible Storage Bins, Laundry Duffel LUXE, Convertible Laundry Hamper, and Collapsible LUXE Tote are here to make your life easier and your space more functional. So, as you dive into the world of higher education, let CleverMade be your sidekick in conquering dorm life challenges with a touch of cleverness and a dash of style. Happy dorming! 🎓🎉

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