EcoBasket to Easter Basket - Personalize your Kid's Easter Baskets

April 13, 2017 1 min read

Anyone else sick of purchasing Easter baskets that you can only use one Sunday a year?! 

Follow this simple step by step guide to turn any EcoBasket (or SnapBasket) into a personalized Easter basket. Best part, once Easter is over remove the embellishments and continue to use your EcoBasket for shopping, picnics and overnight trips!

– 2 EcoBaskets 
    – Scissors
      – 4 Colorful Sheets of Felt
        – Foam Sticker Letters
          – Safety Pins
            – Flower Stencils
              – Needle and Thread
                –Colorful Ribbon


                  Place your names on the colorful side of the felt, once you find a layout you like stick them down. Cut out around the letters to create your nameplate.

                  To make the flower embellishments, cut out of the paper flower stencils. Flip over the felt and trace the flower stencil. Cut out a variety of sizes to decorate your EcoBasket with. 

                  If you are lucky you might have felt with a floral pattern. Simply cut around the flowers and leaves you like for decorating your basket.

                  Arrange the nameplate and flower cutouts on your basket to your liking. Use the safety pins to secure the decorations in place while you tack or baste them to the basket. 

                  Expert Tip: use the thread to create a pretty design in the middle of your flower rather than trying to hid the stitch!

                  Once the baskets are done fill them up with lots of Easter goodies!


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