Sun, Sand, and CleverMade: Your Recipe for the Perfect Beach Date!

July 21, 2023 2 min read

From Sand to Swoon πŸŒŠπŸ’ž

Ah, summer love is in the air! What better way to make the most of this season than planning the perfect beach date with your special someone? With the sun setting, waves crashing, and toes in the sand, all you need to add to the equation are the perfect CleverMade sidekicks for a day filled with fun, comfort, and romance. Let's dive right into this guide on how to craft an unforgettable beach date experience!Β 

Young couple having a romantic beach night date on the sand

Preparing for the Perfect Day

Before you head to the beach, make sure to check the weather forecast for a sunny day so you have an optimal sunset. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the sun sets to give yourselves time to find the perfect spot away from the crowd and get settled. The Collapsible LUXE Tote is going to be your best friend for carrying your date night gear: A set of blankets, plastic drinkware, and snacks to name a few.

Your Secret Weapon

First, you’ll need the Malibu LUXE Blanket to set on the ground for a comfortable seat. The Malibu LUXE Cooler is the wow factor for a refreshingly cool date. Fill it up with chilled drinks, delicious snacks, and fresh fruits. Don't forget to bring your partner's favorite beverage and some ice to keep everything nice and cool.

CleverMade Collapsible LUXE Tote with beach blanket inside sitting on rocks with the ocean in the background

Time for Romance

As the sun starts to set, it's time to dial up the romance. Grab your second Malibu LUXE Blanket to wrap around both of you and watch the mesmerizing colors of the sunset together. As the night sky fills with stars, lie back and stargaze together.

And there you have itβ€”a delightful guide to planning the perfect beach date using the CleverMade Malibu LUXE Blanket, Malibu LUXE Cooler, and 30L Collapsible LUXE Tote. With these versatile and convenient companions, your summer date is bound to be an unforgettable experience filled with love, laughter, and relaxation. So go ahead, seize the day, and create beautiful memories with the one you adore!

Young adult couple at the beach having a picnic date at sunset

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