Top 6 CleverMade Gift Ideas for Recent Graduates

June 06, 2023 2 min read

Unique and Useful Graduation Gift Ideas: 2023 Edition

Graduation 🎓 season comes with a flurry of excitement, grand celebrations, and yes, the inevitable challenge of finding the perfect gift for a new grad. At CleverMade, we appreciate practicality with an added splash of innovation. Here are our top 6 gifts that any recent graduate will not only appreciate, but actually use every day! 🎉 

Left image: a young man throwing dirty clothes backwards into a hamper hanging on the door. Right: A young woman holding a laundry backpack on her shoulder

Convertible Laundry Hamper

For many people, graduation signals a never-ending stream of new experiences. That includes even more laundry than you ever thought humanly possible, and for some, doing laundry for the first time. The Convertible Laundry Hamper transforms this mundane – and sometimes intimidating - chore into a piece of cake 🍰! It easily hangs on most doors making it the ultimate tight space solution. Part hamper, part duffel, part basketball hoop, the Convertible Laundry Hamper’s got it going on .

Laundry Duffel LUXE

Now, if you’re looking for something that kicks the style quotient up a notch, check out the Laundry Duffel LUXE. The stylish Mocha color coupled with vegan leather accents instantly elevates any space. The 3-way carry 🤯 is a must for anyone hauling their laundry up and down stairs or even a few blocks down the street. Grab the top handles for toting, the side for duffel carry, or go no-hands with the backpack straps.

Collapsible cooler for the beach and roadt rips

Collapsible Pacifica Cooler

As the weather heats up, there’s nothing like a chilled beverage to cool down with. The Pacifica Collapsible Cooler is an awesome accessory for study sessions in the park or beach trips with new friends ☀️. The sleek, collapsible design makes it a summer must have that can also double as a travel companion! Use it to keep snacks and drinks cold on a long drive and simply collapse it down for easy storing when not in use.

Collapsible Milk Crate

For the grad who values organization, the Collapsible Milk Crate is a lifesaver. With its collapsible design, it’s not only space-saving, but also highly practical. Perfect for storing books to snack stashes, it’s great for small spaces in dorm rooms and apartments 🤓. The best part? It neatly tucks down for easy storing just about anywhere!

Ikea storage bag like item next to laundry machine and collapsible milk crates

Storage Duffel

The ultimate tool for anyone transitioning into the post-grad life. The Storage Duffel is perfect for moving, travel, or just for extra storage 😎. Super durable material and spacious design make it great for moving into the dorms or packing up for weekend getaway. Any grad will appreciate the practicality and longevity of this gift!

Malibu LUXE Tote

Last, but certainly not least, the Malibu LUXE Tote is the epitome of practical elegance. This bag comes complete with a dedicated laptop compartment, an extra zippered inner pocket, and enough space for gear, whether that’s school or work supplies! The strong, woven straps make even heavy loads feel easy. This isn’t just a tote – it’s a statement 😌.

CleverMade laptop bag on side with laptop partially peaking out

Remember, the best gifts are ones that can be used over and over again. Each CleverMade item, delivers on that and does so with style and uniqueness. So go on, make your grad’s transition to the next phase of life a little smoother, a little simpler, and a lot more functional.

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