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Good Housekeeping: 14 Reusable Grocery Bags to Store All of Your Meat, Produce, and Snacks

February 10, 2020 2 min read

If there's a time when your plastic use hits an all-time high, it's during your weekly trip to the grocery store. While some things are unavoidable — the plastic packing on salad mix, for example — there are a number of simple changes you can make for a more eco-friendly shopping experience. First things first: Trade the plastic bags that most stores provide for your own reusable grocery bags. There are so many options to consider, including machine-washable totes, foldable bags, canvas carry-alls, or patterned polypropylene bags that match your style. Once you find one that best fits your needs, stash it in your purse, glove box, or trunk, so you have no excuses but to go green.

And since we know it can be tough to change your ways, think about it this way: Eight states, including Connecticut, California, and New York, have already banned single-use plastic bags, so you might as well get a hang of using reusable bags.

While you can always buy a reusable bag the next time you're at the grocery store or even use a rogue shopping bag you have lying around the house (FYI, Lululemon and Fresh Direct bags are great makeshift grocery bags), we've rounded up a list of favorites from the experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliance and Textiles Lab, as well as Amazon's best-seller list. These top-rated picks are so cute and functional that you'll actually look forward to bringing them into the grocery store with you.

SnapBasket LUXE by CleverMade

Swap single-use plastic for these foldable, machine-washable, or insulated picks.Choose between an insulated and non-insulated version to best fit your grocery needs. No matter which one you pick, this canvas tote can hold up to 30 lbs. of groceries when open and folds flat to less than 2 inches when not in use.



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