CleverMade's Vision Board for 2022

January 27, 2022 4 min read

OUR secret to manifesting YOUR best year yet (join in, and you could WIN!)


At CleverMade, we love getting together and understanding what our big goals are for the year both personally and professionally and what products we can dream up into a reality. That’s why this year, we want to let you in on our little secret: the power of a vision board to manifest your dreams.

We are all feeling the continued effects of another pandemic year and the added stress it puts on us. So, we wanted to focus this year on a few things that truly matter and that give us much needed outlets to make 2022 the best year yet.


Pack and Go Blanket and Beach Backsak Tote clevermade vision board on cliffside

The BIG power of the little moments.

More often than not, we’ll find ourselves taking the Pack & Go Blanket and Backsak Beach Tote into the sunshine to enjoy a day of vitamin D - whether we’re taking our lunch break at the park or taking our kids to a playdate. These are the moments of smiles and laughter; of relaxation and reflection. 

In 2022, we’re going to make more plans for family picnics and letting the kids (including fur babies) splash in the water at the beach and more plans for getting together with friends to kick a soccer ball around at the park. We’ll even include an escape to a place more intimate to set our blanket out to watch the sunset with the people we love most. And we’re going to challenge ourselves to capture at least some of it in a photo to share with all of you!These are the little moments that truly matter.


CleverMade Tahoe cooler and Seaside cooler outside at the beach and on a hike

The magic of the great outdoors.

This year we plan to do more mental decluttering. That means less scrolling and more fresh-air moments that we tend to skip out on when our faces are buried in our phones or computers. We do this by filling up our Tahoe Cooler or (any collapsible cooler, it’s hard to pick just one) each weekend and asking friends to tag along on a day of disconnecting with tech, and reconnecting with friends.

The rules? The first 30 minutes, you can’t talk about work, school, or any other stresses of life. Use this rare uninterrupted time to talk about things you're grateful for. Maybe it’s the smell of the trees while you’re on a hike together or simply the sound of the waves or birds. The outdoors have a special way of shifting our perspective and reminding us of what’s really important - Let’s embrace it…Together!


CleverMade Tamarack Chair on a front porch outdoor furniture

That much needed “me-time” turned into a “me space”.

Life has been anything but normal these past couple years and some of the routines we use to love, we've now found ourselves ignoring. So this year, we are taking back our “me-time” becausehow can we expect ourselves to care for others, like our kids, our pets, our friends, and loved ones.... if we forget – or don't know how – to care for ourselves FIRST. One way we are making sure we can accomplish this is by creating a safe space that we can step into whenever we need a moment alone.

Our ideal space is a front porch or backyard complete with functional furniture that we can easily move around to different spaces and can be kept outside if needed. We plan to get up a little bit earlier each day, snag our favorite mug with hot coffee or tea and a cozy blanket and lounge back in our Tamarack Chair. That’s it. In our much needed “me space”, we will focus on closing our eyes, practicing some deep breathing and listening to the sounds that surround us. Me- time doesn’t have to require planning in advance. It’s all about taking time to recharge yourself when you need it, whether that’s 15 minutes enjoying your coffee before work or reading a good book for an hour before bed in a cozy corner nook. That's me-space. We all need more of that in 2022.


Ready to set your intention for 2022? We want to help!

Now that you know our secret, we want to know what’s on your vision board for 2022—and how can CleverMade help your vision become a reality! Go to our @clever_made instagram post linked here, follow us, like it, comment with one or a few words that describe your vision board for 2022 (ours would be "me-time"), and tag 2 friends!

Our team will review all the comments on the Instagram post from January 27-February 7 and choose our favorites! The top 5 will get a free gift + discount code for future orders and the top submission will get a FREE Tamarack Chair to set up their own “me space”! Are you in?

Contest Rules: No purchase necessary.ONLY applicable to continental US.You must have a public Instagram account (so we can see you), follow us on IG, like the post, comment + tag 2 friends to be considered. We will be accepting comments between January 27 - February 7. The winners will be selected by our internal team on February 8 and announced publicly on CleverMade’s Instagram on February 9. We will work with each winner to ship out their prizes in February. 


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