Organizing the CleverMade Way with these 7 Tips

January 20, 2022 2 min read

New Year New You for 2022

January is all about starting fresh and we think the best place to begin is in the home. We’re going to take you through 7 helpful steps to decluttering with the help of our trusty CleverMade products.

To start, take it space by space. Focus on one area at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

 CleverMade Storage Bins for Organizing sporting goods

  1. Take everything out: And we mean everything. You want to be able to see the entire space you’re working with to get those creative juices flowing. Remove any visible clutter first and work your way out
  2. Start sorting: Use our Collapsible Totes or Laundry Totes to separate your items into 3 sections: keep, throw away, and donate. Make sure you have a clear purpose for any items you’re keeping so they don’t wind up causing clutter yet again.
  3. Clean up those papers: We are all guilty of this bad habit and more often than not, we do not need all of those loose papers stuffed in various drawers.  Grab some files for any important documents, hang them in neatly in our Milk Crates and SHRED the rest.
  4. Get organizing: Once you’ve sorted through everything and tossed the junk pile in the trash organize the items into like-piles. For example, group together seasonal décor, sporting goods, craft supplies, etc.
  5. Seasonal items: Use our Collapsible Storage Bins to store things you don’t need to access everyday. Our storage bins with lids are perfect for garage or attic storage. They are easily stackable and the lids protect items from dirt and dust. Store away your Christmas decorations and camping necessities knowing they are safe.
  6. Weekly or monthly items: Think extra bedding, tools, extension cords. You definitely want these to be easy to find when you need them! Grab a set of Collapsible Utility Crates and store these items in the closet, under the bed, or in a cabinet.
  7. Every-day items: For quick access to things you use every day i.e food, exercise equipment, etc. a set of smaller bins is perfect. Use the 32L bins to store exercise equipment out of sight and use the 16L Shopping Baskets to organize everything from bags of chips to pasta sauce in the pantry.

CleverMade totes and storage bins for organizing seasonal

So many of us are holding on to things we don’t really need and lets face it, they are taking up valuable space that could be utilized in a much more efficient way. Use these tips to set yourself up for success now and hopefully they’ll encourage you to stay organized throughout the rest of the year!

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