How to Care for Your Tamarack Collection

August 09, 2022 2 min read

You just purchased or are thinking about purchasing our newest members for the backyard oasis you've been dreaming of and you want to make sure they receive the proper care. We get it. Should you leave them out in the sun or rain? Do you have to take them inside every day? What will happen if they're experiencing all the elements? How do you set up the Partially Assembled Tamarack Chair?

All valid questions and this blog post should clear them up.

Acacia wood chair and table with s'mores

Leaving Your Tamarack Chair, Tamarack Table, & Tamarack Pillows Outside

You can leave the chairs and table outside since they are built for outdoor use. However, we do recommend that they are not left in hot or cold weather situations for an extended period of time. To increase the lifespan of your outdoor furniture, it’s recommended to bring them inside for those rainy and snowy months or a shaded area for the summer months when not in use. You can also grab a set of Tamarack Covers for that much needed protection! The Tamarack Collection is sealed to protect the wood from these weather conditions, but they are still wood products so exposing them to too much sun, rain, or cold weather will depreciate the furniture quicker. The Tamarack Pillows do need to be brought inside when not in use.

At the end of the day – the Tamarack Chairs and Table are handmade wood products that will age while you make memories around a fire pit with the people you love. Tamarack Collection, let's grow old together!

 Wooden chair with pillow and chair cover

Extending the Life of Your Tamarack Collection

When the chairs and tables are made, the wood is sealed with a water-based sealant (instead of an oil-based sealant that often leaves wood furniture peeling when exposed to sunshine). 

Here is a water-based sealant at Home Depot that our team recommends applying annually to the wood of your Tamarack Chairs and Tamarack Table to extend their life.  Any water-based sealant for wood furniture will work just fine. To learn how to best apply, check out the video on their product page for that wood sealer.

How to Keep Your Tamarack Items Clean

Simply wipe down your chairs, table, pillows, and covers with a damp cloth to clean or wipe down with a dry towel after rain to help care for them. These chairs and tables are made of a durable and highly sustainable wood (acacia) and built for your indoor and outdoor enjoyment. The Tamarack Covers and Tamarack Pillows are not machine washable so be sure to hand wash only and do not soak in water.


How much weight can my Tamarack Chairs hold?

The Tamarack Chairs have a weight capacity of 250 lbs of love. 


What are the instructions for the Tamarack Chair that requires some assembly?

Look no further! Below is a video on how to swiftly and efficiently set up your Tamarack Chair. All the tools you need are included with your purchase!

Any other questions we didn't answer for you? Let us know!

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