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June 16, 2022 2 min read

If Tom Cruise's Maverick Was a Cooler

We’ve all seen the unbreakable connection between Maverick and Goose in the 1986 classic Top Gun. If you haven’t, don’t admit that out loud, act swiftly and go watch it IMMEDIATELY. Next on your list has to be Top Gun Maverick. This present-day sequel catches up with our pal Maverick (obviously) as one of the Navy’s top aviators. Now we don’t want to give anything away so we will just leave it at that. As a San Diego County based company, it is no coincidence that our top dog cooler shares the same name as the main character in the film. Let’s dive into the incredible likeness of Tom Cruise’s portrayal of Maverick and CleverMade’s Maverick Cooler, shall we?

Cooler with fighter jets

Maverick is the coolest guy in the game. We all want to be him or be best friends with him. He’s a hotshot with a reckless, rugged attitude and just the right amount of too much (though maybe not in Cyclone’s opinion). Similarly, the Maverick Cooler boasts that it truly is the best [collapsible cooler] out there.

Starting with the obvious, the exterior is very attractive, like double take attractive. Don’t write him off too quickly though, he has way more to offer than just devastatingly good looks. Yes, yes, we’re still talking about the cooler … sort of. The Maverick Cooler isn’t shy about these amazing features. This guy comes equipped with multiple outer pockets including one that is fleece lined for your aviators 😎 He’s also got waterproof zippers, an integrated bottle opener, and a daisy chain for attaching your keys or speaker so you can blast Danger Zone as you set off on your adventure.

Fighter pilot with blue cooler

While the outside is what first catches our eye, we all know it is what’s on the inside that counts. The exterior can be tough to break through though, we’re talking 5-layer premium insulation exterior. Once you make it through those layers, you’ll see just how meaningful the inside contents are. We’re talking 50 cans baby! That’s right, old Mav can hold 50 cans of your favorite beverage PLUS ice or Clever Ice. Did we mention how everyone wants to be Maverick’s best friend? Case and point.

Do yourself a favor and grab your new best friend the next time you want to crack open a cold one. He’ll always have your back.

American flag with man outline holding cooler  

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