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Hurley Women's Surf Retreat + CleverMade

August 23, 2019 2 min read


Flower crowns, surfing, specialty cocktails, and sunsets. Sounds like a dream Southern California retreat and it was. CleverMade got to attend the Hurley Women’s two-day Surf Retreat to celebrate some of their favorite Hurley Women ambassadors. The Women’s Surf Retreat was hosted at the most coveted petite resort, Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach. Hotel Joaquin is a gem hidden in plain sight along the Pacific’s rich coastline. CleverMade was honored to be a partner sponsor of the Hurley Women’s Surf Retreat.

CleverMade provided beach essentials that made the experience at a local favorite, Shaw’s Cove more enjoyable. Our playful outdoor accessories were awaiting as each guest made their beach arrival. The stylish Cardiff Backpack Cooler carried cold beverages on this gorgeous afternoon. Our AirChair was the perfect recliner to lean back and relax in while soaking up the best rays, playing corn hole, and sipping refreshing kombucha. Professional surfer, Carissa Moore took advantage of this ultimate beach day by body surfing and collecting corn hole points. While her friend and model, Leila Thomas unplugged and listened to the waves crash in the AirChair.



To wrap up the surf escape, our SnapBasket LUXE tote was provided as the ultimate gift bag. As the women returned from an afternoon of beach activities our totes and Backpack Cooler were seeded in each room holding all sorts of brand goodies. As if the retreat couldn’t get any better, the in-room gifting provided by Hurley Women and CleverMade was one of our favorite things to be part of. Each room at Hotel Joaquin is individually designed with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, customized furniture, and curated artwork.



As the afternoon wasn’t quite over yet, poolside lounge events were readily available to partake in. Floral lei Artist, Pamakani Purdy helped each of the ladies’ hand craft their Lei Po’o. These stunning flower crowns were worn at dinner in the garden and the remainder of the evening. Brooke Burke joined the fun in flower crown making, floating away on a flamingo floatie, and showing off our SnapBasket LUXE tote.



The retreat was about celebrating strong women and the power we have when we come together. We couldn’t have been more excited to celebrate with these women and shower them with extra love through our CleverMade magic.

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