Which CleverMade Cooler Are You?

July 05, 2021 3 min read

Are you dreaming of a perfect day in the sun as much as we are? For us, it’s on the beach, basking in a warm summer glow, the smell of salty ocean air, waves crashing on the shoreline. A day spent in the sunshine can leave you quite parched so, to be safe, you should always have a cooler filled to the brim with your favorite beverages (yes, and water). With so many CleverMade coolers to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? We have the perfect personality assessment for you to find out!

The Peace Maker✌️

You are a chill person who loves nothing more than kicking back by the pool. Your casual demeanor makes our Tahoe Cooler your perfect match. With an array of colors to choose from and two sizes—30-can and 50-can—you’ll be sure to pick a Tahoe Cooler that speaks to your Zen. The best part is it collapses flat to less than 3” so you never have to worry about storing a bulky cooler again 🧘‍♀️.

Say goodbye to melting ice and a messy clean up! Snag our Clever Ice size medium for our 30-can Tahoe Cooler and our Clever Ice size large for our 50-can Tahoe Cooler.

The Adventure Junkie

You crave adventure and you simply cannot stand still knowing there is so much to explore in the world. Lucky for you, we have two backpack coolers to allow you the hands-free trekking you desire. Load up either the Solana or Cardiff backpack cooler with drinks, snacks, sunscreen and more and get out there and do what you love!


The Happy Camper

You feel such peace when out in the wilderness. Spending a night under the stars and the day wandering amongst the trees is the ideal weekend for you. You are the Maverick Cooler, my friend. Sturdy, versatile, and equipped with every feature you could possibly need, the 50-can Maverick Cooler is here to make your next outdoor escapade one to remember.

The Organizer

Yes, you’re the Marie Kondo of coolers! You are a family-oriented person and you feel absolutely blissful when there is a spot for everything you might need out and about with your crew. Available in three different sizes (6-can, 18-can & 30-can), the Seaside Cooler is the perfect sidekick for you. Fill up the 6-can with a few sandwiches, the 30-can with beverages and snacks for the whole gang, and the 18-can for everything in between! When you’re done, fold these down flat and store them out of sight aka spark that joy ✨.

The Superhero

We have you on-the-goers who jump from one festivity to the next. You never slow down and the Sixer Sling is the best addition for your fast-paced lifestyle. Hey, not all heroes wear capes (some wear Slings). Simply load 6 (duh) cans in the zippered top for grab-and-go drinks and when you get thirsty, simply slide the drinks out from the clever, quick-draw dispenser at the bottom.

The Fashionista

Last, but certainly not least, you fly by the seat of your pants, living life moment to moment and you have an eye for style. The Sonoma Cooler is all you, baby! With two versions, regular and LUXE, you’ll feel giddy as you tote around three of your favorite wine bottles or 6 cans.

So there you have it, a perfect cooler for each and every one of you. Now you know for sure that in high tide or low tide, CleverMade coolers are by your side.


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