Fighting the Dorm Room Blues

August 11, 2021 2 min read

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Well, it’s that time of year again, back to school! Now we know for you college youngens, back to school is not quite what it used to be. While the days of picking out a new backpack with your favorite superhero or My Little Pony and a matching lunchbox may be over, back to school can still be exciting. We present to you, the adult version of back-to-school shopping. 

college student with laundry duffel luxe on his back and a review for the product

For those of you hitting the dorms or moving into an apartment this year, you’re going to need the perfect carrier for your laundry. Lucky for you, we have several laundry items to fit exactly what you need. If the route to your laundry room is a trek, you’re going to need a bag with multiple ways to carry, check out our awesome Laundry Duffel LUXE and Laundry Backsak LUXE. You can carry these guys over the shoulder or on your back for heavy loads. The Laundry Duffel LUXE can be carried as a tote too!

CleverMade collapsible Laundry caddy being carried with a review

College life often means tight living quarters, so an excellent choice is our Collapsible Laundry Caddy or our Quick-Zip Hamper. The slim profile of each of these items make them perfect to hide in the closet and the handles on both make it easy to tote up and down stairs. The best part? When not in use, they both collapse down to just 2” or less! You can also use the Laundry Caddy as an XL tote for the beach, to store your blankets, and just about anything else.

clevermade quick zip hamper in laundry room with a review

Though your shopping may be minimal throughout the year, you need to get yourself the perfect collapsible tote for those late-night Target runs. The CleverMade Collapsible Tote and Collapsible LUXE Totes are the way to go. Store these flat under your bed, in between your desk, or in the closet. Simply pop open when you’re ready to use them! These totes can also double as a weekend carryall for your visits home which mom would appreciate as often as possible!

CleverMade storage bin in college dorm room with review

Typically, college living involves moving back and forth quite a few times so you’re going to need some stackable storage bins to assist along the way. Our storage bins are large, sturdy, and collapsible! What more could you ask for? Load up the bins with books, clothes, a toaster, and more to transport wherever you need to go. When emptied, simply collapse the bins down to less than 3” for super easy storing. No more running out of room and having to leave bins in the car!  Choose from a selection of bins with and without lids to find the perfect moving side-kick.

With CleverMade items, you’ll never have to compromise on what you can and can’t fit in your room. Happy studying!

Don't miss our back to college SALE on our favorite campus laundry items!

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