Which CleverMade Laundry Item Are You?

March 09, 2022 3 min read

We've Got Your Laundry Day Hero

Everyone has a different attitude about typical household chores. For example, some see laundry day as an exciting time to tidy up the home and bring in fresh, clean clothes, towels, and sheets. These folks relish in hearing the “ping” of the dryer signaling the load is done. They fold each piece of clean laundry as soon as they pull it out of the dryer and saunter off to put everything in their rightful place. Wouldn’t that be nice? For others (aka most of us), laundry day feels like, well, a chore! We begrudgingly set out to do the task knowing full and well that as soon as it is done, the clean laundry will sit in a pile on the bed until it is time for us to go to sleep. Will we put the pile away at bedtime? No, we most certainly will not. That pile be relocated to a chair where it will stay for longer than we care to admit.

Fear not, we have some amazing laundry items for everyone! If you adore laundry day, these items will make your heart sing. If you grimace just hearing the word “laundry”, these items will make that chore more tolerable and maybe even, dare I say it, enjoyable. Buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey friends because we are going to tell each one of you which CleverMade laundry item you are!

The Active Adventurer

You love doing anything that is not sitting at home. You have a passion for activity whether it’s doing a home renovation, playing soccer outside, or rock climbing in the gym. You have a blast getting down and dirty and it shows! Having fun is a main priority and one unfortunate indicator of this active lifestyle, is the dirty, sweaty laundry you’re constantly having to deal with. You need one of our brand-new items that come complete with a fabric divider and mesh! The Laundry Caddy with Divider and the Laundry Basket Tote with Divider are going to be a game changer for you. The divider lets you pre-separate clothing whatever way makes sense (by color, fabric, soil level). The mesh allows for breathability and airflow which is key when your wardrobe reflects your active lifestyle. You will LOVE yourself for snagging one of these!

Girl with laundry basket and dog

The Busy Body

You have a full schedule with places to go and people to see. You bounce from one engagement to the next and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether it’s a full day of class or visiting with friends in between your daily to do list, you always have somewhere to be. You don’t have time to sweat the small things – like getting your laundry from point a to point b. You NEED the Laundry Duffel LUXE in your life. Toss everything in the XL bag and carry however you please – as a tote, duffel, or backpack. The drawstring top is perfect for keeping your unmentionables hidden while riding your skateboard to the laundromat or ensuring your laundry won’t come tumbling out in the car. Gone are the days of dreading the thought of carrying 11 different things plus your laundry. Once you have this hands-free bag, you’ll never go back!

Boy riding skateboard to laundromat with laundry backpack

The Clever Cleaner

You do the most for everyone around you. You don’t complain, (often) you put your head down and do the tasks that need getting done. Your one-track mind leads you to get chores done before you allow yourself to kick back and relax. You’ve got a leg up though, your motto is “think smarter, not harder” which is why you should be using the 2-pack Laundry Basket for your laundering needs. The 2-pack means you can use one tote to carry dirty clothes to the washing machine and the other to put away folded, clean clothes from the dryer. The two side handles make carrying a breeze as you go from room to room putting away all the freshly cleaned linens and clothes. The best part? These bins collapse down to less than 2” for super compact storing when not in use which is great for you and your anti-clutter lifestyle!

Girl folding laundry into laundry basket

Are you ready to make laundry day a cinch with a CleverMade product tailored to you? Get started now!

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