22 Questions with CleverMade's Product Team

March 07, 2022 5 min read

As you’re (probably) well-aware, we at CleverMade love having a good time with our fellow crew members. With a majority of 2022 still ahead of us, we thought what better way to get to know the team than by asking 22 fun, quirky questions? We’ll break this up into a few blogs for a full series so that we get a chance to hear from everyone! Now let’s get to know the team, shall we?

To kick off the series, we are starting with the people who continue to crank out amazing ideas – the Product team!


Product Team at CleverMade


Questions 1 & 2: What do you do at CleverMade? How long have you been on the crew?

- Jamison “I am the Director of Product Development. I help with all things related to bringing products to market and have been here for 7.5 years”

Patrick “Associate Product Developer. In charge of the Outdoor Category, sustainability efforts, and all the behind the scenes work of developing product. I’ve been at CleverMade for over a year”

-Abraham “I'm a Senior Product Designer and developer and I’ve been here for 4 months and 22 days”


Question 3: Where did you work before CleverMade?

- Jamison “SKLZ”

- Patrick “Lyric, a hospitality start-up”

- Abraham “I worked for Easton Baseball”


Question 4: What is your favorite product?

- Jamison“The Quick Adjust Shelving System .. stay tuned

- Patrick30L Collapsible Tote, comes in clutch every time I grocery shop”

- Abraham “My favorite CleverMade product is the Collapsible Storage Bin with Lid. This is such a versatile product and can (and is) used throughout the house, in our garage and in our cars. Great optional storage solution that collapses away when not in use.”


Question 5: If you weren’t in your department, what department would you try out at CleverMade?

- Jamison “Marketing”

- Patrick “I would be in the department that has to travel all over the world to photograph our Products. We have that department, right?”

- Abraham “Marketing (help create some cool images) and Ecomm (to learn the Ecomm business)”


Question 6: What is your favorite thing about working at CleverMade?

- Jamison “My favorite things about working at CleverMade are the relationships I've built, inside and outside of the immediate team”

- Patrick “Incorporating more environmentally friendlier materials and practices into our products... and unlimited PTO”

- Abraham “The people, the camaraderie and the sense of family”


Question 7: Where were you born and raised?

- Jamison “Carlsbad, CA”

- Patrick “El Cajon, California”

- Abraham “I was born in Acapulco and raised in both Oxaca and Mexico D.F.”


Question 8: What was your first job?

- Jamison “I worked at my mom's scrapbook store”

- Patrick “Valet at the Westgate Hotel”

- Abraham “Grave shift Security for Security Company. Yikes.”


Question 9: What animal is your spirit animal and why?

- Jamison “An elephant. Elephants are empathetic, kind, and have a great memory, all things I strive for”

- Patrick  “Mountain Lion, our local big cats. They operate well in the shadows and are majestic”

- Abraham “My spirit animal? A white wolf. A lone wolf, protector of their family, strong instincts and an appetite for freedom”


Question 10: What dream product do you want CleverMade to make?

- Jamison “A massage chair so I can have one for free”

- Patrick “A Tamarack Beach Mat Chair... I think I know the guy who can get that done...”

- Abraham “A basket or crate made purely of all up-cycled/recycled materials that is also designed to easily breakdown after its end-of-life cycle is complete”


Question 11: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

- Jamison “I would like to go to Europe to play some of the most historically prestigious golf courses in the world”

- Patrick  “Patagonia in Chile/Argentina. Some of the best hiking in the world and one of the best places to see Mountain Lions (Pumas)”

- Abraham “Italy, Ireland and Iceland...”


Question 12: What is your favorite food?

- Jamison “Such a tough question...I love breakfast, Italian, burgers, Chinese, etc. I just love food”

- Patrick “Rakott Krumpli. A delicious Hungarian casserole of potatoes, eggs, Hungarian Kolbasz (sausage), and sour cream... yum!”

- Abraham “Mexican and Japanese”


Question 13: What is your favorite song of all time?

- Jamison “Billy Joel - Movin Out...This is a core memory from my childhood. My mom used to play this all the time on road trips”

- Patrick “Going to California - Led Zeppelin”

- Abraham “It's Been a Long Long Time by Harry James”


Question 14: What is the best vacation you’ve taken (thanks to CleverMade’s unlimited PTO policy!)?

- Jamison “Hawaii”

- Patrick “Two weeks in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands”

- Abraham “East Coast road-trip from Philly to Maine. Stayed in various hotels and ate our way up the coast”


Question 15: Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

- Jamison “A childhood friend”

- Patrick “Leonardo DiCaprio”

- Abraham “a de-aged Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would have the most similarities and hair style :)”


Question 16: If you could live in any time-period, which would you choose?

- Jamison “I wouldn't change the time period I'm currently living in”

- Patrick “Pre-industrial era before we really jacked up the planet”

- Abraham “1940s/1950s”


Question 17: What was the first concert you attended?

- Jamison “No Doubt came and performed at my high school”

- Patrick “The first concert I enjoyed attending was Mumford and Sons”

- Abraham “2007 Linkin Park Projekt Revolution Concert”


Question 18: What would you consider your happy place to be?

- Jamison “I have a few....With my wife and kids on a road trip, on the golf course with friends, and on the couch watching a movie with my wife when it's raining”

- Patrick “On a peaceful mountain top in a cabin by a lake”

- Abraham“At home, with family on a rainy day with holiday movies on the TV”


Question 19: What store would you want to have a $1,000 gift card to?

- Jamison“Golf Mart or Sheels”

- Patrick  “Patagonia. Great product and brand!”

- Abraham “Amazon!!! I hear they have everything. But for a physical store, Bass Pro Shop! A dream store for the outdoor type!”


Question 20: Who would be on the guest list to your famous persons’ dinner?

- Jamison“Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jordan, Tony Gwynn, Barack Obama”

- Patrick “Leonardo DiCaprio, John Muir, Ansel Adams”

- Abraham “Robert Downey Jr, Dwayne Johnson, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Hart”


Question 21: Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

- Jamison “Beach, but just barely”

- Patrick “I am going to say Croatian Beaches because they are very close to mountains”

- Abraham “Mountains”


Question 22: What is your go-go TV show to binge watch?

- Jamison “The Office or Parks and Recreation”

- Patrick “Sopranos and The Wire”

- Abraham “Friends, Narcos, Forensic Files”


Stay tuned for more CleverMade Crew answers!

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