Unique Ways to Use the CleverMade Items You Already Have

March 01, 2021 2 min read

Tips that you won't want to miss!

It has come to our attention that CleverMade customers may truly be the cleverest of them all. You folks have “oohed and ahhed” as we’ve presented item after item, but little did we know that wheels were spinning in your heads and you had the most ingenious ways to use our products. We felt it was only appropriate to share your glorious triumphs with the rest of the world (aka those reading our blogs).

Typically, these shopping baskets are used exactly as intended… for shopping! You get to the grocery store and rather than using the store-provided baskets, you have your own. You get to shop around without the worry of someone else’s germs on your basket and at the end of your shopping trip, you don’t even need bags!


While some of you still shop in stores, a lot of people are loving the ease of order-ahead grocery shopping, aka you place the order online and then a kindly store associate brings the bags right out to your car. No muss, no fuss! Now you clever fellas are so smart and have been pre-setting your baskets in the trunk so that as your groceries are being placed in the back, they go right in the basket. Why didn’t we think of that? You’ve made your lives so much easier so that your groceries aren’t rolling around and falling over.


Another awesome way some of you are taking advantage of these plastic baskets is by putting them in your car as extra storage, especially for items you don’t want falling over. This idea is fabulous for two reasons: 1. Keeping your car items neat and tidy and 2. Safety! How many times have you caught yourself trying desperately to reach for a tissue buried in the cave that is your center console all while trying to keep an eye on the road? Dangerous! We love the idea of placing the basket in the back seat of your car (or in the passenger seat when unoccupied) and having your tissues, band-aids, hand sanitizer, etc. right there for easy access.

Thank you all so much for sharing and giving us these awesome tips!

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