My New Favorite Amazon Purchase Is This Reusable Grocery Bag That Folds Completely Flat

October 10, 2019 2 min read

You're going to want one in every color. 


When it comes to trying to live a more zero waste lifestyle, I’ve found that one of the easiest items to replace is plastic bags. With so many affordable reusable grocery bags and totes available, there’s no reason not to start cutting back on your plastic bag stash ASAP. 

Personally, I’ve tried plenty of different reusable bags for groceries in my attempt to start reducing waste. And while I found some foldable bags that I liked at first, I soon realized they were far too flimsy and didn’t offer the support I needed to lug my groceries several blocks home in Manhattan. So when I discovered CleverMade’s reusable bags and found that they were durable and strong enough to hold everything, I decided I’d never use another type of reusable bag again. Not only do I use it for groceries, but it’s also my go-to for any other chore where I’ll need a sturdy bag to carry my stuff, like laundry (there’s even a laundry caddy version of CleverMade’s best-selling collapsible bag). 

CleverMade’s SnapBasket reusable grocery bag is like no other because it’s a structured canvas tote, yet it still folds down completely flat for easy storage between uses. In fact, it’s called the SnapBasket for a reason—the inner sides of the bag have a locking mechanism that literally snaps the bag in place when you’re ready to use, so that it always stays upright and sturdy. And when you’re finished, simply snap it down into a flat, compact size (it’s only 1.5 inches tall when it’s folded down!). It’ll fit in the smallest of spaces too—think under your bed, in a car’s backseat pocket, or in a packed utility closet. The bag also comes armed with an elastic strap that keeps the carrying handles and canvas exterior tucked in once it’s flat. 

Reusable bag for carrying grocceries

I’ve found that many other reusable bags have no defined shape, so when you start loading in groceries, nothing stays in place (or it all tumbles out in the back of your car while you’re driving). But unlike others, this tote’s depth of 11.5 inches and 30-pound weight capacity allow you to carry plenty of pasta boxes or produce cartons at once, without any awkward shifting or sliding while you’re attempting to carry it. Plus, with extra long, vegan leather handles, you can easily wear it on your forearm, hold it in your hand, or throw it over your shoulder for heavier loads. Inside you’ll find a handy zippered pocket for stashing extra change, receipts, or any other small essentials.

And because of its flat closure, the SnapBasket is easily packable and idea for travel. Available in six chic patterns and colors, you’re going to want one of each. Luckily, you can add it into your next Amazon order by shopping below.

CleverMade SnapBasket Reusable Collapsible Grocery Bag

Four styles of reusable bags

To buy: $30;

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