Yahoo Finance: National product company Cleverly outsmarts porch pirates in time for the holiday season

October 16, 2019 3 min read

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- CleverMade, a consumer product-based company that designs its products for functionality and ease to eliminate the stress of everyday life,
has "out-clevered" porch pirates by launching an affordable solution: the at-home Parcel LockBox.

According to Parcel Pending, an estimated 23 million Americans have been a victim of package theft from either their mailbox or front porch. Designed to eliminate this issue, the Parcel LockBox creates a solution that's affordable, easy, and convenient to navigate for both homeowners, offices, and delivery services.

"Unfortunately, the package theft epidemic has yet to be solved. Alternatives like giving delivery services a homeowner's garage code is not a safe or viable solution for many, and off-site post boxes are inconvenient. We're confident that the Parcel LockBox will solve all of these problems," said Tom Quinn, co-founder of CleverMade.

The Parcel LockBox contains a variety of features such as a programmable digital lock where users can create a customizable code that can be shared with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon for delivery packages or with friends and family for borrowed items. As a package is delivered, the carrier will enter the unique code, safely place the package into the Parcel LockBox, and close to automatically lock it until the homeowner retrieves it. Having the ability to anchor and secure it into the ground, the Parcel LockBox is meant to be placed outside and is durable for all weather conditions. Additionally, the Parcel LockBox is available in two sizes and two colors and features a 10-year warranty.

Dawn Cartier, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-area mother of three and business owner experienced package theft before the holidays a few years ago and it ruined a sentimental surprise she had planned for her teenage daughter.

"Every year, my family has a unique tradition of collecting specialty nutcrackers around the holidays. Two years ago, I had one custom ordered from a woman across the country to resemble my high school daughter doing her favorite sport - swimming," said Cartier. "I tracked the package as it was delivered to my home, and when I got home to retrieve it that evening it was gone. The frustrating part is not just the fact that you can't recover a one-of-a-kind item, but it's the sheer invasion of privacy you feel when you know someone walked up to your front door and stole something from you. We were never able to get the custom nutcracker and since then, I have had all packages delivered to my office which is an annoying inconvenience."

The CleverMade Parcel LockBox is here to solve this and the million other package theft problems out there today. The Parcel LockBox will be available at all Costco locations across the U.S. and major online e-retailers in November but CleverMade is offering pre-ordering options now to ensure homeowner's secure one before the holidays. To be one of the first to order a Parcel LockBox, please visit Limited supply.

CleverMade provides sustainable solutions through its roster of innovative products ranging from everyday space-saving and active storage options to theft protection. After traveling to Europe, Mike Carlson and Tom Quinn, co-founders of CleverMade, quickly identified a market of folding crates that the U.S. had yet to offer and created its initial product line of collapsible crates. Since then, the brand has added a number of innovative products to its line such as collapsible totes for shopping, laundry, and everyday use, stackable and foldable crates for the office, car, or garage to unique coolers and outdoor chairs for hikes, tailgating or the beach.

To learn more about the Parcel LockBox or other CleverMade products, please visit

About CleverMade
Here at CleverMade we are helping eliminate the stress of everyday life with products designed for functionality and ease. With the use of our innovative products, you can finally find joy with all of your daily chores. From organizing your garage to simplifying laundry day, we have you covered at home. And when your to-do list is all checked off, you can incorporate some of our on-the-go essentials that will make quick errands a breeze. We believe that making the smallest changes in the way daily tasks are performed can make a dramatic difference. We make smarter products for easier living. It's simple. It's smart. It's CleverMade. To learn more about CleverMade, please visit

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