CleverMade Celebrates International Women's Day

March 08, 2023 3 min read

Girl Power at the Malibu Collection Shoot

Queue Miley Cyrus music, grab the sunscreen, roll the windows down, we’re heading on a girl’s trip. We had the best time shooting our brand-new Malibu Collection with a very talented all-female cast and crew this past October. Through laughs, sunburns, and a fabulous meal, we really got to know one another well in the span of just a few hours. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, lets meet this girl boss team and see what they had to say about the Malibu shoot!


Holly Eddy – First Photographer – @hollyeddy_photo

 “It was such a unique experience to work with women from all different walks of life. Each girl added something special to our Malibu shoot and I was so inspired. It truly is something special to work with a crew that meshes well together and brings out the best in the people around them!”

Favorite Products – Malibu LUXE Umbrella and Malibu LUXE Blanket




Gloria Therese – Videographer -@gloriaterese

"It was an honor to work with an all female team to bring the CleverMade Malibu Collection story to life. The location was beautiful, and it was so special and exciting to experiment with different visual ideas and create something together. The creative energy was inspiring, and we got to end the day with supper under the stars, new friends and some amazing products."

Favorite Products: Malibu LUXE Cooler and Malibu Blanket


Mercedes Hearne – Model - @mercedeshearne

“I absolutely love creating content and am definitely a girls girl, so I was very excited to do this shoot with some other creative ladies! I was meeting them for the first time, but it honestly felt like I already knew them. I left that day with some new friends and so much love for the CleverMade brand. I literally never leave home without my tote!”

Favorite Product – Malibu LUXE Tote “I use it daily! Absolutely love it”



Xaria Johnson – Model - @xariajohnson

“The shoot with CleverMade in Malibu was so much fun! All the women there were so kind it felt like we were just hanging out with our girl friends at the beach. I can’t wait to work with them again!” 

Favorite Product: Malibu LUXE Tote "I love everything in this collection!"






Kate Paiz – Creative Director and Second Photographer at CleverMade

“This was a great shoot for many reasons but my favorite part of was working with a group of women who know and excel at their craft. I learned and grew as creative director from working with these women. Despite this being the first time, this group worked together, we produced beautiful work and had fun doing so!”

Favorite Product – Malibu LUXE Cooler & Tote



Jordyn Haubner – Behind the Scenes – Content Marketing Strategist at CleverMade

“I had the best time at this shoot! Being new to the marketing world, I wasn’t sure what to expect and this experience exceeded anything I could have imagined. Everyone worked so nicely with one another and put so much thought and heart into what they were doing. It’s always empowering to see what a group of women can accomplish with one another!”

Favorite Product – Malibu LUXE Cooler “My go to lunch bag!”


Laina Pruitt owner of Grazing Kitchen – - @grazingkitchenofficial

Special shoutout to Laina at Grazing Kitchen for providing us with the most beautiful – and delicious – charcuterie board! We wasted no time digging in as soon as we were done with the beach shots. Pick up a board for any occasion in Orange County!

As you can see, we all had the most amazing experience. We’re so grateful that this group came together to create amazing photos, videos, and memories that will last. Whether it’s for work, fun, or something in between, we highly recommend getting your girl gang together.

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