Find Out Which CleverMade Cooler is Your Perfect Match

June 23, 2023 3 min read

Cooler Than Cool: Which CleverMade Cooler Defines You?

Summer is here, and with it comes the promise of sunny days, beach trips, and all the outdoor adventures you can handle! One essential item for any summer activity is a reliable cooler to keep your favorite drinks and snacks chilled and refreshing. Let’s find out which CleverMade cooler perfectly matches your vibe 😎. 

Malibu LUXE Cooler: The Trendsetter ✨

Do you pride yourself in staying up to date with the latest styles and fashion trends? If you said “YES!”, the Malibu LUXE Cooler is the one for you. With its sleek and sophisticated design, this cooler will turn heads wherever you take it. Not only will your drinks stay cold, but you’ll also add a touch of elegance wherever you go 💅. Whether you’re headed to a picnic, music festival, or a chic beach party, this cooler is the ultimate fashion accessory.

Chic navy and white striped cooler sitting on table with coffee cups next to it, next image is lower half of a woman's body roller skating and holding a blue cooler

Tahoe Collapsible Cooler: The Yes Man 🙌

Are you the outgoing type, always on the hunt for the next exciting activity? The Tahoe Collapsible Cooler is designed for someone like you! The collapsible frame makes it incredibly easy to transport and store to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Whether you're playing soccer ⚽️, heading over to a friend’s house, or relaxing by the pool, the Tahoe Collapsible Cooler is your reliable companion. Plus, its available in so many fun colors and prints 🌈, you’ll find the perfect one to suit your personality.

Pacifica Backpack Cooler: The On-the-Go Enthusiast 💪

Do you have a busy, on-the-go lifestyle, juggling work, hobbies, and socializing? The Pacifica Backpack Cooler is the perfect cooler for you! This cleverly designed cooler is like a portable mini fridge 🍉🧃. It's perfect for beach trips, picnics, or outdoor concerts, where you want to have your hands free while keeping your favorite beverages chilled. With its comfortable straps and spacious compartments, the Pacifica Backpack Cooler is a convenient and stylish choice for those always on the move.

Man looking at lake with cooler backpack on and petting dog, next image is man on skateboard with cooler sleeve across back

Sixer Sling Pro: The Life of the Party 🎉

Are you the one who's always ready to entertain and have a great time? The Sixer Sling Pro is the cooler is just the thing to match your lively personality! Designed to hold up to six cans, this compact and portable cooler is perfect for spontaneous gatherings and tailgating parties 🏈. Its adjustable strap makes it easy to carry, while the carabiner can be attached almost anywhere if you’re staying put for a little while. With the Sixer Sling Pro by your side, you'll be the go-to person for fun and refreshments at any event!

Sequoia Cooler: The Ultimate Host 🤩

Are you known for throwing the best outdoor parties and barbecues 🍗? The Sequoia Cooler is your favorite new companion! With its enormous capacity and multiple compartments, this cooler is designed to cater to large gatherings. You can store all your beverages, snacks, and condiments while keeping them perfectly chilled. The Sequoia Cooler also features daisy chains to clip on a speaker and a built-in bottle opener. Whether you're hosting a family reunion, a neighborhood block party, or a campsite barbecue ⛺️, the Sequoia Cooler has got you covered.

A backpack chair sitting under leaves with 2 coolers next to it camping

No matter how you roll, CleverMade has a cooler that’s ready to make your life better this summer. Keep being you and stay hydrated!

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