Falling in Love with these Fall Favorites

September 22, 2021 2 min read

Fall Must Haves

Before we all start mourning about summer being over, we have exciting news. Fall is fun too! Now let’s jump into this season’s must haves. Trust us when we say fall will be a time to remember.

Cardiff Backpack Cooler Camping

For a lot of you adventurous souls, the cooling weather means longer hikes and more nights under the stars. Now just because it isn’t blisteringly hot out doesn’t mean you can go out and about without proper refreshments. You will love using either our Cardiff Backpack Cooler or our Solana Backpack Cooler. Load these guys up with your favorite beverages, snacks, and anything else you might need like a mini first aid kit and bug spray! Toss in some Clever Ice to keep everything nice and chilled and get back out exploring.

 Bin with firewood

Speaking of nights under the stars, you’re going to need something sturdy to haul your camping gear in. For smaller or lighter loads, fill up a Collapsible Luxe Tote or a Collapsible Laundry Caddy! These totes are the best for carrying clothes, towels, and groceries. For larger items like firewood and tools, grab a set of our rugged and durable Collapsible Storage Bins. The best part? All of these items collapse down to less than 3” for easy stowing while you relax and take in the beauties of nature.

Blanket on cliff overlooking ocean

If you’re planning for a lovely picnic in the park or for a day filled with kid’s soccer games, we have some great ideas for you. First, you’re going to need something comfortable to sit on. Enter Pack & Go Blanket. This outdoor blanket is lightweight and super comfortable plus, it is easy to clean! Next, you need something to carry food and drinks in. If you are looking to keep things icy cold, the Tahoe Cooler is your go to. With two sizes to choose from, simply throw in your drinks and snacks and fill with ice (or Clever Ice reusable ice-packs!) and get going.

Picnic in the park with basket

What if there was the perfect tote that could keep cold items cool and hot items hot? The Thermo LUXE Tote is your dream versatile tote bag. This bad boy is complete with a thermally insulated liner so that you can carry a nice warm lunch for a picnic, keep groceries cool with ice-packs on the way home, or even bring over an entire crockpot filled with deliciousness to a friends’ house. The Thermo LUXE Tote will keep your food cold until you can put everything in the fridge or nice and toasty until it’s time to eat.

Happy fall ya'll!

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