Holiday Gift Display Ideas

December 09, 2022 2 min read

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With the holiday season in full swing, we’re sure you’re excited – maybe stressed – about presents, cookie baking, and spreading as much cheer as possible. We have some great ideas on themed gift displays that your loved ones will adore!

Relaxation Tote

This gift is for the friend who’s always chilly, the mom who does it all, and the guy who just adores a delightful smelling candle. Use the 30L or 20L Collapsible LUXE Tote as a cute, reusable gift bag. Fill the tote with a fluffy blanket, a scented candle, a cute mug or wine glass, some hot chocolate packets, a lovely bottle of wine, and some tasty Christmas cookies. Peep our Instagram reel to see this in action! If you want to get really fancy, put cellophane in the tote before loading everything up, then gather it all at the top and wrap with a bow.

holiday gift basket in a collapsible tote

Organization Crate

Collapsible Storage Bins are a life saver for anyone who likes staying organized. Toss in – sorry, neatly display – a calendar, a day planner, a set of colorful pens, and an adult coloring book (because everyone needs a little brain break). You can also add in snazzy glass jars for cupboard organization or plastic drawer inserts. The detail-oriented person in your life will cry tears of joy when they see this thoughtful assortment! 

Storage bin gift display in a collapsible crate

Practical Caddy

Collapsible Laundry Caddy LUXEs are a game changer for anyone who lives in a tight space and/or has to travel to do laundry. Snag a 2-pack and put together the ultimate fluff and fold gift basket. You can have some fun with this one and first put in a fresh new set of towels instead of a blanket. Add in all those annoying items no one wants to have to buy for themselves: detergent, softener, dryer sheets, etc. Leave the second caddy collapsed inside the open one or make two gifts. It may sound weird, but this practical present is so exciting to receive!

Collapsible laundry hamper gift display

Well, there you have it. Three awesome ways to send your loved ones some extra holiday cheer this season. Let the gift giving begin!

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