CleverMade Customer Highlight 2021

January 05, 2022 2 min read

New Year, Same Fabulous Customers 

We are thrilled that so many of you love CleverMade products (and our service!). While we are always so excited to receive great reviews and sweet words over email and phone, it is not every day that we ourselves get to do a shout out for a customer who has blown us away with their kindness. We would like to recognize a very wonderful person who really made an impact on us in 2021, Delana B. She had contacted us with a problem and when we solved it, she was so grateful that she absolutely spoiled us!

Delana happens to be a professional artist and illustrator and very graciously sent two of us here her original owl prints! The portrait featuring the lighter colored owl is the Barn Owl and is titled "Night Watch Over Howell Prairie”. Delana described to us that “Barn Owls flourish in this Valley [in the portrait]. Before the white man came, the Native People regarded it as a Sacred Spirit…carrying messages back n forth to the beyond.” The portrait of the darker owl is The Great Horned Owl and is titled "Christmas Tree Farm". She said that once she “got into a 'zone' [and] started making all these little chevron shapes with the feathers, then trees, and stumps lined up. Patterns emerged.

*Click on the photos to see the full video on our Instagram!

Not only did Delana send us these amazing portraits, she included the sweetest handwritten notes and so intricately and beautifully gift wrapped them for us. This experience was amazing in so many ways. We are so grateful to have gotten to know one of our customers more personally this year and so humbled by her kindness. Delana is further proof why CleverMade customers are the absolute best out there! So thankful for each and every one of you! Happy New Year!

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