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Our SnapBasket product family is growing which means the ways in which to use them are growing as well. We all know that you can use the SnapBasket and SnapBasket Thermo for shopping and the SnapBasket Cooler for a beach day, but what else? Here are some clever ways to get the most out of our SnapBasket line!

Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket

Besides being terrible for the environment, single use grocery bags easily rip, are just plain boring, and are even banned in many cities. Not your new SnapBasket though, it’s strong, vibrant, and accepted at grocery stores worldwide! Once you’re home, just collapse the basket and toss it in your trunk. Voila!

Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket XL

Whether you're crocheting the next family blanket, or just working on a small project, SnapBasket keeps you organized and on the go. Once your project is complete, collapse it down and tuck it away..or start a new one!

Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Cooler

Fresh orange slices and ice-cold drinks, a staple of almost any youth sports game. By the end of the game though that drink isn't ice cold, and room temperature oranges just won't do. SnapBasket Cooler to the rescue! Keep your snacks nice and cold throughout the game without the need for that bulky cooler.

Your SnapBasket: SnapBasket Thermo

Nobody likes a cold queso dip… well, unless you’re Aunt Sue. SnapBasket Thermo keeps your favorite warm dishes warm, and cold food cold. Aunt Sue may like her queso dip cold, but not her famous casserole! After the festivities, just wipe clean and collapse flat for easy storage.


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We use the term "neat freak" lovingly. They are the kings of organization and who doesn't want to be organized? But at the same time, they're hard to shop for because they don't like clutter. That's why we suggest fueling their organizing obsession with these awesome gifts.

clever gifts for neat freaks


  1. A Scarf Hanger, like this one from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Cute and functional, which is a winning combination for a neat freak. 
  2. Is your neat freak always on the go? Check out this Universal Electronics Organizer, which looks good and has a pocket or strap for virtually everything.
  3. A copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It might seem counter-intuitive to gift a book about tidying up to one of the tidiest people you know, but trust us on this. 
  4. Taking "a place for everything" literally with this Takeout Menu Organizer. Good for home or wherever your neat freak goes to work.
  5. Spontaneous messes be gone! CleverCrates will ensure your neat freak is equipped to contain stray objects no matter where they are--in the car, the garage, the playroom, or out and about. Best of all, they collapse flat and tuck away when not in use.