QUIZ: What Activity Do You NEED To Do This Summer?

May 24, 2023 3 min read

Anything Is Popsicle 

Do you have summer activities all lined up? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve curated this quiz to help you decide what your summer must-dos are this year. Let’s dive in!

Collage of CleverMade outdoor products in individual squares with different colored backgrounds

1. How adventurous are you?
       A .. I’d rather not leave the house
       B. I do love a good outdoor excursion
       C. Eh, depends on my mood
       D .YESSS I’m always game for an adventure
2. What Kind of atmosphere do you prefer when spending time with friends and family?
      A. Relaxed and casual
      B. Adventurous and outdoorsy
      C. Refreshing and laid-back
      D. Exploring new places
3. How do you feel about water activities?
      A. Dry land for me please
      B. Love the water, I’m a fish!
      C. Does laying on a float with a nice frosty beverage count?
      D. I like it if the temperatures right!
4. How important is it for you to be surrounded by nature?
      A. It’s not a priority for me
      B. It’s crucial! I love being immersed in natural surroundings
      C. I enjoy nature, but it’s not a necessity
      D. I appreciate a good mix of nature and city!
5. Are you a good cook?
      A. Not to brag, but I’m kind of the best
      B. I have my moments of pure culinary genius
      C. I’m really good at eating
      D. I’m pretty good, but it’s not my favorite
6. Pick your favorite summer food:
      A. Barbecue ribs for sure
      B. S’mores
      C. Chips & dip
      D. Any frosty treat
7. Pick a movie to watch on a Friday night:
      A. Cheaper by the Dozen
      B. Jaws
      C. Aquamarine
      D. RV
8. What do you value most in a summer activity?
      A. Creating lasting memories with loved ones in an intimate setting
      B. Connecting with nature and enjoying the outdoors
      C. Finding a tranquil oasis to unwind
      D. The excitement of discovering new places, foods, and cultures

Okay crew, let’s see what you’re doing this summer:

What should you do this summer quiz answers

Mostly A’s: Backyard BBQ – You are the friend and family member who’s always ready to host. You love gathering your favorite people in one place for a delicious meal and great conversation. Through shared memories and laughs, you continue to grow closer with your core group. A backyard barbecue with all your besties is just what the doctor ordered this summer!

Mostly B’s: Day at the Lake –You’ll use any excuse to get outside and enjoy the world around you. You flourish when surrounded by nature and good company. From kayaking, to boating, to splashing around at the shoreline, the lake is calling your name. Grab the sunscreen, a good speaker and head out for an unforgettable day.

Mostly C’s: Pool Day –You’re in need of some r & r this summer and what better way to beat the heat than by having a calming pool day? Get your favorite floaty ready, a cool drink, and start soaking up the vitamin D. You can even invite a friend or two if you’re feeling social.

Mostly D’s: Road Trip –You’re not one to sit still and when adventure calls, you answer! Pack up the car and head out to exciting new destinations, trying local eats and stopping at every gift shop. Bring your loved ones along for the perfect bonding experience as you venture into something new.

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