Which Cooler Are You? Backpack Edition

April 22, 2021 2 min read

Are you a Solana or Cardiff Backpack Cooler? 

Are you a go getter? Do you love adventuring in the great outdoors? If waking up at the crack of dawn to hike through breathtaking nature scenes speaks to you, then you are reading the right blog, my friend. What isn’t right is having to choose between a cooler and a backpack to tote along with you on your journey. A cooler is great because you definitely want to keep your food and drinks cold in the hot sun, but slinging it over your shoulder or holding it in your hands is not the ideal way to hike. You could bring a backpack to go hands-free, which sounds like a safer option, but then you run the risk of all of your stuff getting overheated. What to do, what to do?

Hey, we have a great solution! Instead of choosing between a backpack and a cooler, you can have both with either our Solana or Cardiff Backpack Coolers. These awesome insulated bags will be your go-to for all future escapades. You’ll love that you can bring along everything you need with the peace of mind that nothing will overheat and you’ll be totally hands-free. Both backpacks also come with additional dry pockets for anything you don’t want getting cold or icy. Now let’s break down which backpack is perfect for you.

Solana Backpack Cooler

The Solana holds 18 cans plus ice and comes complete with padded shoulder straps, a front zipper compartment, side pockets for tumblers etc., and of course, an integrated bottle opener (one less thing to pack, right?). You’ll love this backpack for shorter hikes to your favorite beach spot. Whether you’re heading down to the ocean or to a gorgeous lakeside destination, the Solana Backpack Cooler is the way to go. Toss in your favorite beverages, snacks, and sunscreen for a nice day by the water.


Cardiff Backpack Cooler

If you are planning a day-long hike through the wilderness, the Cardiff Backpack Cooler is going to be your best friend. This backpack holds 24 cans plus ice and includes zippered front and multiple inside pockets, daisy chains, mesh side pockets, a chest strap and bottom straps to carry blankets or towels. Bring this handy guy along on your camping trips and you will be the envy of all. With multiple pockets, you won’t have to pick and choose what to bring with you for the day. So throw in your lunch, drinks, a travel sized first-aid kit, bug spray, and whatever else you need to have the best hiking day ever!

Bringing one of these backpack coolers will make your day safer and more enjoyable for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Grab the Solana or Cardiff Backpack Cooler and get the adventure started!

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