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April 20, 2020 2 min read


Brake Bread is a neighborhood bakery that believes bread and bikes build community. We use organic grains to make naturally leavened breads and traditional pastries. And we deliver them all by bike directly to our subscribers!


TESTIMONIAL: Brake Bread started as a subscription based bakery using bikes and trailers to make 60-100 deliveries a day. After 2 years we added a retail bakery as well. When shelter in place directives began in March of 2020 we closed our retail and moved back to all subscriptions all the time. Within 3 weeks of this switch we were able to work our way back up to full production. Along with this we maxed out our bike and trailer capacity! When every square inch of space counts you need efficient containers and that's why we switched to using Clevermade's for our delivery trailer go-to. The straight vertical sides of the Clevermade crates allow us to maximize space and the quick and easy breakdown makes moving them around a small bakery simple and safe. Plus, when we're out on delivery we can break them down as they get emptied making for more space and easy organization within our trailer. There have been so many challenges adapting to a new way of doing business. We're grateful for folks like Clevermade that have helped make that transition smooth.
- Nate Houge - co-owner and baker

Brake Bread, St. Paul MN



Brake Bread started during the polar vortex of 2014 when me (Nate Houge) and my friend (co-owner Micah Taylor) put out a blurb on the West Seventh fb page to see if anybody wanted some bread to show up at their house. 50+ neighbors said, “Yes!” so we gave it a go. Over the next couple of years we rented space from a licensed kitchen and did weekly deliveries by bike and trailer. When bread-eaters support bakers, and bakers deliver direct to bread-eaters, we have a Community Supported Bakery (CSB) style of business. And for us, the CSB model worked great. So, when we opened our bricks and mortar shop in 2016, we didn’t just keep the CSB model - we expanded it. And now it includes you. Winning! 


As a subscriber you are part of a web of folks that value real food and real community. Subscribers allow us to minimize waste by knowing exactly how much to bake. This allows us to pay our employees fairly and to move to using only grains grown with organic practices. Over half of that grain is grown right here in Minnesota!

In addition to supporting MN farmers and millers, Brake Bread is proud to partner with MN businesses and food producers as a distributor. With each delivery, you can add tasty (and some not so tasty, but useful) items via our online store that keep your money local. 

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