Clever Creations: The Tamarack Chair

November 05, 2019 3 min read

Clever Creations: Stay tuned for weeks to come and learn more about the story behind our products! We sat down with our CEO & Cofounder to hear the “why” behind our CleverMade products. Follow along with us as we tell the narrative journey through our products and how we’ve brought them to life. 

Off the Caribbean Coast of Central America lies a tropical paradise – Belize. A beautiful vacation spot that has become a quite popular place to visit. Our President, Tom Quinn and his family vacationed on the island earlier this year. Being first time visitors of the island, the family enjoyed snorkeling, fishing, and of course took in “The Great Blue Hole.” Soaking up the island vibes, rich landscapes, and diverse culture, Belize makes you want to capture its slower paced mindset even after you leave the island. 

Throughout their stay on the island, Tom and his wife, Cath caught eye of the wood beach chairs that were provided on behalf of the hotels and resorts for guests. One afternoon, Cath was roaming through the village popping in and out of shops, restaurants, and stumbled across a crafty furniture store. The furniture store locally sourced all of its wood and hand crafted all of its furniture. Cath saw the wooden beach chairs that the hotels and resorts were using in store and instantly called Tom, “you have to come here now! You have to come check out these chairs.” Upon arriving, Tom immediately fell in love with the look and aesthetics of the chair. Tom stated “they got me” as he bought four chairs for their house back home in California. 

Once Tom and Cath received the four chairs, every visitor they had over asked “where did you get these?!” Tom and Cath quickly noticed how popular their Belize island chairs had become. “That’s when I really had the business thought and started thinking we could make these,” said Tom. Tom was pondering the idea  of what would be a cousin to the Adirondack chair. Cath was pointing out the features of the chair, “it folds flat, it’s lightweight, these would be a perfect CleverMade chair.”

The next step was getting started with our team overseas on the development of the chair and determining the best material to use. We worked with a few different suppliers to ensure that we were using a sustainable wood, as this was an important piece of the project. Once we worked through a few prototypes and were happy with the design we had to come up with a name (which tends to be the hardest part of this process for our team). We’re proud to call San Diego our home which is why a lot of our products are named after our favorite places here. Tamarack Surf Beach is located 15 minutes from our headquarters, so it was the perfect name for this laidback product and the Tamarack Chair was born.  

Our Tamarack Chair will transform any space into its own getaway and give you a much-needed mini vacation. The best part, it's made from acacia wood which is one of the fastest growing trees making it an extremely sustainable wood. And if you want to take your vacation with you, just fold it up and pack it to the beach, camping or concert in the park.  

We may be biased, but this is most definitely on our holiday wishlist. 


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