Thanksgiving Food Recipes

November 17, 2022 2 min read

Foodies Gather 'Round

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re anything like us, turkey day prep is already in full swing. We know a lot of people travel for food, friends and family, and of course, football. Since CleverMade is all about making things better, we're here to make this holiday seamless. We want to share with you a few dishes that travel well and how to transport them in your CleverMade products!

Let’s start with the pre-dinner snacks! You can never go wrong with a charcuterie board. Like ever. Who doesn’t love grown up cheese and crackers? Pick up all of your favorite cheeses, cured meats, crackers, and other fixings such as jam, olives, and nuts (we think Trader Joe’s always has a great selection). We recommend building your masterpiece once you get to your destination to prevent spillage. Pack up all your goodies in a Cooler Tote 12 and head out. Just don’t forget to bring the board!

Charcuterie board of meats, cheeses, and fruits and a woman with a cooler tote

Moving onto the salad! We love this fall harvest salad with apple cider vinaigrette because it combines so many tasty fall favorites like butternut squash and dried cranberries. For a pretty display, layer all the ingredients in a clear bowl, but don’t toss it until it’s ready to serve. Let everyone properly admire the beauty of your salad! To keep it from getting soggy, be sure to keep the dressing on the side until dinner time. For easy transportation, put the salad bowl and the separate dressing container in your trusty Collapsible LUXE Tote.

Collapsible tote bag and a salad with fall flavors

Our Collapsible Thermo LUXE Tote was made for hot sides, like mashed potatoes! The insulation will keep your hot dishes nice and toasty and the sturdiness makes transporting heavy dishes a breeze. Fear not, your mashed potatoes will safely arrive, hot and ready to be devoured. Speaking of mashed potatoes, we’re all for every and any kind. If you feel like changing things up this year, try out these cheesy mashed potatoes with caramelized onions, you won't be sorry!

Creamy mashed potatoes and a thermally insulated tote

Lastly, heading over somewhere early to watch the big game? Don’t forget the beverages! Our Eco Pacifica Cooler Pro was made for this job. Pull your favorite drinks from the fridge and put them straight into your cooler with ice for maximum frostiness. Traveling with your favorite drinks has never been more convenient!

Eco friendly cooler and canned beverages in ice

We hope these tips are helpful in making your turkey day a little bit less stressful. Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from the CleverMade family!

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