Easter for Your Littles During Quarantine

April 08, 2020 2 min read

By, Brooke Papp @ineedmylipstick

While the Easter Bunny does an excellent job each year with creating a well rounded basket of treats featuring crafts, trinkets and candy (for the parents), this Easter Sunday is slightly different - #quarantinelife is postponing some major things in 2020, so The Easter Bunny asked us parentals to fill in:

Here’s our take on a simple, last minute (thank heavens for shipping!) fun and educational Easter Basket for toddlers: 

First up! Grab our 16L collapsible shopping basket - we used a mix of pink bag filler and a repurposed iridescent backdrop from a party!  

Life lately is made possible with Amazon Prime, Target.com, AND #shoplocal boutiques that allow for curbside pickup and most of the time even offer free delivery during this time!  And BONUS, you’re helping a local business while bringing a Sunday smile:

Target: Cat & Jack hair clips, light reflecting bunny wand, Easter books, plastic spring plate & cup, sidewalk chalk & twirly straws - a little bit of learning and creativity. 

Amazon Prime: Mini gardening tools, plastic eggs (filling ours with Fishy Crackers, because they are life in this house) and lastly a cute plastic fruit set with a ‘cutting board’ and ‘knife’ to practice her kitchen skills. 

Shop Local: 

  1. Bunny & Bunny basket house is from a local boutique @gumtreela  - they ship fast!  
  2. Rainbow embroidered shirt is from @ofonesea - they ship super fast!  
  3. Bunny puff wand is from a local florist I saw months ago and thought was precious - I am always stocking up on things like this that are inexpensive and I can use for future holidays or rainy days to entertain littles.  

Hopefully this offers some inspiration to pull out your favorite Collapsible Shopping Basket, SnapBasket or Crate and fill it with fun for your little - things may look a little different this year, but however you celebrate we hope you have a blessed, safe and Hoppy Easter!  

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