Make Your Life Easier with these Camping Essentials

October 28, 2021 2 min read

Camping with Clever Style

The crisp air, red-orange leaves, and smell of hay are beckoning you outdoorsy folks to take a scenic trip. For those of you taking the time to explore the beautiful scenes of nature, we have some CleverMade products you simply cannot pass up!

Collapsible crates holding firewood

To start, you are going to need the perfect bins to pack up all your camping gear in for the car ride to your fantastic destination. Snag a few sets of our Collapsible Storage Bins or Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids and get started. Use the bins to haul your first-aid kit, firewood, sleeping bags, food, and more. You can stack these bins up to 3 high filled with all your essentials. Once you get to the camping grounds, unload everything and collapse the bins down to less than 3” with ease. Slide them back in the car or tent until you’re ready to pop them open and use to leave.

CleverMade cooler backpacks

Next up, our Solana and Cardiff Backpack Coolers. You will love yourself for bringing one (or more!) of these awesome insulated backpacks for those day-time hikes. The Solana Backpack can hold up to 18 cans plus our large sized Clever Ice and the Cardiff Backpack can hold up to 24 cans plus our large sized Clever Ice. Fill your backpack up with everything you need and get your adventure started!

Couple sitting on outdoor blanket on cliffs

Finally, add a little style to your campsite with our Pack & Go Blanket. These colorful outdoor blankets boast more than just their fun striped design. Use the blanket inside your tent or lay it on the ground outside to enjoy the sunshine. *Pro-Tip: If you’re beach camping, lay the blanket on the sand and use any one of the three umbrella-pass-through holes for optimal shade when you need it! Grab a matching BackSak Beach Tote to haul all your goods and you’re set. This awesome tote is perfect to tag along on your camping adventure and can be carried on your back or as a tote! It even includes a mesh bottom so you don’t trek any sand back into your tent or RV.

Let CleverMade help you get out and enjoy nature like never before!

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