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Your Next Vacation Awaits at Joie Inn

November 12, 2021 1 min read

CleverMade's Dream Getaway 

Everything Ashley of @arrowsandbow touches turns to gold, and that includes Joie Inn. This quaint, 4-unit inn Ashley and her husband @dinojpetrone just finished on Anna Maria Island in Florida is a vacationer’s dream come true. We were so excited to be a part of Joie Inn’s grand opening events, which included a week full of activities and a poolside grand opening dinner.

Joie Inn pool with drinks

Our Tamarack Chairs are scattered throughout the property and they were a huge hit with the guests and party-goers! In between chatting and mingling, people were able to comfortably take a load off and relax while still being a part of the party. Which was great because nobody likes FOMO.

Joie Inn with Tamarack Chairs

Gone are the days of clunky (and sometimes ugly) outdoor furniture. The Tamarack Chairs blend in seamlessly with the chic décor of the inn, almost like they were made to be there. Thanks to their sleek design, the chairs photograph really well, allowing their glam to shine through in each image! These beautiful 100% FSC® certified acacia wood chairs made their way into what we can only imagine were hundreds of photos taken that night.

 Backsak Beach Tote picnic and Sixer Sling party

The party may be over, but future guests will be able to enjoy the Tamarack Chairs and more. If you visit Joie Inn (which we think you should, it’s the cutest), you’ll find our Sixer Slings, Backsak Beach Totes & Pack & Go Blankets. Stock them up with your favorite beach snacks and beverages and  walk one block for a day full of sun and beach fun! #clevermadeXjoieinn [ images are by @ariellevey ].

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