New Year New Organization

January 06, 2023 3 min read

Welcome to Resolutions a Go Go

Happy 2023 from the CleverMade Crew! We’re here to help you get a jump start on your new year’s resolution list. What better way to kick off the new year than with a nice clean space? Follow along and we’ll give you all our tips and tricks.


Remember when you were getting out all the holiday decorations and thought “Yikes. I’ll fix this up next year”. Well guess what, here it is! Fret not dear cleaner, we have a sure-fire organization hack all ready to go. First, pull everything out of the garage and place each item into piles such as holiday, tools, sporting equipment, costumes, etc. Next, go through each pile and take out the items you need to toss. Now for the fun, grab your Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids and hop to it! We definitely recommend bringing the label maker out for this part. Label your bins and place all relevant items within each. You can stack the bins up to 3 high! For those items you’ll need immediate access to, try the Collapsible Milk Crates out. You’ll breathe a huge sigh of relief when this chore is out of the way.

Eco shopping basket and collapsible storage crates

Laundry Room

We know laundry is never the most exciting chore. We also know CleverMade can make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Choose from an array of our fabulous Collapsible Laundry items and get started on your clutter free space. Grab a Collapsible Laundry Caddy with Divider to divvy up your whites and darks or clothes and towels before laundry day has even begun. Future you will be so grateful to not have piles of different clothing strewn about the laundry room. Another option is our Collapsible Laundry Basket Tote LUXE. These totes will put your plastic baskets to shame. With stylish colors and designs, this is a basket you’ll happily show off. Leave one basket in your closet as a dirty clothes hamper and slide the other one collapsed in the laundry room. When collapsed, the basket tote is small enough to fit in a drawer, in a cabinet, or even between the washer and dryer. Gone are the days of leaving a basket on the floor and tripping all over it. You’ll never be embarrassed to have guests over on laundry day again.

Puppies next to collapsible laundry hamper

Car Trunk

Raise your hand if your car and/or trunk could use a good sprucing up. That’s what we thought. It’s easy to get disorganized in the car from work supplies, to tools, to other necessities. Let’s chat through how to get your car clean and keep it that way. As with the garage, pull everything out of the car and toss whatever needs tossing. Snag a set of Eco 24L Collapsible Shopping Baskets and pop them open in the trunk. Fill one with any car cleaner, wipes, or tissues you have. Fill the second basket with extra water bottles, a first aid kit, and a towel (or whatever other items you need). If you have more things to put away, pop on open that third basket. If you’re all set with two, leave the third collapsed just in case! You might find that one handy when transporting groceries from the store or supplies from the office.

Eco friendly plastic grocery shopping basket

There you have it! CleverMade is always ready to help make your life a little better. We hope you enjoy tidying up and if you need any extra organizational tools, you know where to find us. 😉

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