Valentine's Day Gift Guide By CleverMade

January 31, 2023 2 min read

Think Outside the Box of Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we want you to be fully prepared when the day arrives. Whether you're gifting to a romantic partner, your best friend, or your most beloved family member, we know you want to do something special. Here are 3 cleverly crafted gift ideas that will make your sweetie smile. 

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The Self Care Starter Pack

This gift is for the person who loves getting cozy and relaxing whenever possible. Grab a 20L or 30L Collapsible LUXE Tote in a print your Valentine will absolutely love! Fill the tote with a fluffy bathrobe, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, scented bath salt – if that’s their jam – a pretty candle, and some decadent chocolate. Your person will be thrilled to get this gift that’s all about them!

Collapsible tote for Valentine's Day gift basket

The Sports Fanatic’s Go Bag

For the person who loves kicking back and watching sports or heading out to games, we have the perfect idea. Grab a Pacifica Cooler Pro 18 Can and pop the recipient’s favorite beverage in there. Next, place a special drinking cup inside followed by some tasty candy, and a hat featuring their favorite team. Your person will go bananas when they see their new sports gear and awesome snacks! They’ll also be stoked to have a brand-new cooler to tailgate with.

Eco friendly cooler as Valentine's Day gift basket

The Ultimate Movie Basket

Sometimes the best moments are spent lounging around watching movies and eating junk food with your favorite person. Snag a 24L Eco Collapsible Shopping Basket and gather up the best movie supplies. Start off with a cozy Valentine’s Day blanket, then load ‘er up! Grab some popcorn, chips, oodles of candy and chilled beverages. Your guy or gal will waste no time getting snuggly and tearing open those snacks. They might even want to share with the very kind gift giver!

Collapsible shopping basket as Valentine's day gift basket

We hope we gave you some great gift ideas that your loved one will know you put a lot of thought into. Almost any CleverMade product can be made into a gift basket so take a moment to browse around. You might just find that something special for your someone special. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's gift baskets with goodies inside

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