22 Questions with CleverMade's Marketing Team

October 27, 2022 4 min read

CleverMade is back at it again with those fun feel-good questions so you can get to know our crew. As a refresher, we asked everyone 22 questions that range from work related to fantastical and we’ve had a blast reading the answers. Last time we got to hear from the Product team and now it’s the Marketing team’s turn to shine!

Marketing team at CleverMade, 2 women and 1 man

Questions 1 & 2: What do you do at CleverMade? How long have you been on the crew?


  • Kate “Creative Director and I’ve worked at CleverMade for 6.5 years”
  • Jordyn“Content Marketing Strategist and I’ve been at CleverMade for 2 years”
  • Richie “Production Artist and I have worked here for 11 months”

Question 3: Where did you work before CleverMade?

  • Kate “I was a senior graphic designer at SKLZ”
  • Jordyn “Lomas Santa Fe Country Club as an event sales manager aka weddings!”
  • Richie “I worked at a real estate brokerage”

Question 4: What is your favorite product?

Question 5: If you weren’t in your department, what department would you try out at CleverMade?

  • Kate“Product!”
  • Jordyn “Product! I like the whole process of product development and seeing this form from idea to retail is super cool”
  • Richie “Product seems super interesting to me”

Question 6: What is your favorite thing about working at CleverMade?

  • Kate “The people I get to work with”
  • Jordyn “The environment! We have such a positive rapport with everyone which makes coming to work comfortable. You can ask anyone anything and they are always happy to help”
  • Richie “The people!”

Question 7: Where were you born and raised?

  • Kate “River Falls, Wisconsin”
  • Jordyn “Born in Redlands, CA raised in San Marcos, CA”
  • Richie “Tucson, AZ”

Question 8: What was your first job?

  • Kate “Gymnastics Coach at the River Falls Parks and Rec”
  • Jordyn “Lifeguard and swim instructor for ages 6 months to 50+ years!”
  • Richie “I worked at a grocery store called Food City. Or actually, if it counts, I worked for a summer painting a mural at my middle school”

Question 9: What animal is your spirit animal and why?

  • Kate“A bear – Can be cuddly and cute, but fiercely protective.”
  • Jordyn “Hippo - I feel like they are very large mermaids and any time I see videos of them eating watermelon it makes me happy. I see myself as a large mermaid constantly waiting to be fed”
  • Richie“I think an elephant, because I can be stubborn, and I remember really strange/random things forever”

Question 10: What dream product do you want CleverMade to make?

  • Kate “A system that would allow me to fully organize my closet!”
  • Jordyn “Foldable bathtub tray - right now my tray is huge and difficult to store”
  • Richie “A car would be really cool. A "clever car"”

Question 11: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

  • Kate “Costa Rica – I want to swim with Capybaras.”
  • Jordyn “Italy! I studied abroad in Venice, Italy and I am absolutely dying to go back. The experience of the site-seeing and culture is incomparable”
  • Richie “Right now it's probably Japan. I'm really into cherry blossoms”

Question 12: What is your favorite food?

  • Kate “Seafood”
  • Jordyn “Black Forest Gummy Bears”
  • Richie “A really good cheeseburger, medium”

Question 13: What is your favorite song of all time?

  • KateTime After Time by Cindy Lauper”
  • Jordyn99 Luftballons by Nena (has to be the German version)”
  • Richie “It changes pretty often, but I think right now its Old Pine by Ben Howard”

Question 14: What is the best vacation you’ve taken (thanks to CleverMade’s unlimited PTO policy!)?

  • Kate“Portland, Oregon - for donuts.”
  • Jordyn “I went on a trip to Cabo with a big group of family friends and it was such a delight”
  • Richie “Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”

Question 15: Who would play you in the movie version of your life?

  • Kate“Meryl Streep”
  • Jordyn “Josh Gad – obviously”
  • Richie “I've heard Ben Stiller, or John Leguizamo”

Question 16: If you could live in any time-period, which would you choose?

  • Kate “I think I would stay put in this one.”
  • Jordyn “Hmmm the 1980s looked like fun. I love the fashion choices and music”
  • Richie “I think I'm pretty happy with my lot. 1980s to now is a pretty varied span”

Question 17: What was the first concert you attended?

  • Kate “Country Jam 1999.”
  • Jordyn “Hilary Duff Metamorphosis - changed my life”
  • Richie “I think it was Travis Tritt and Marty Stewart, but I don't really remember it”

Question 18: What would you consider your happy place to be?

  • Kate “My bed”
  • Jordyn “In bed, cozied up with oodles of blankets and a good book (and a glass of wine)”
  • Richie“On a hike or gardening. Now hanging with my wife and baby”

Question 19: What store would you want to have a $1,000 gift card to?

  • Kate “It would be Target, I love Target”
  • Jordyn “World Market”
  • Richie “B&H Photo & Video”

Question 20: Who would be on the guest list to your famous persons’ dinner?

  • Kate“Writer Kurt Vonnegut”
  • Jordyn “Michelle Obama (her husband can come too), Stevie Nicks, Lady Gaga, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin”
  • Richie “Ansel Adams, Soren Kierkegard, Rob Bell, Seth Godin, Hannah Arendt”

Question 21: Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

  • Kate “Beach”
  • Jordyn “Beach”
  • Richie “Right now I think it's the mountains, maybe because I'm spoiled and the beach is so accessible”

Question 22: What is your go-go TV show to binge watch?

  • Kate “Law and Order – the original DUN DUN”
  • Jordyn “Friends”
  • Richie “Recently binged Marvel's Daredevil. Right now I like putting on "Magic for Humans" in the background”

Stay tuned for more CleverMade Crew answers!

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