Pumpkin Patch Hacks

October 04, 2022 2 min read

Gourd Vibes Only

Breathe in through the nose, exhale through the mouth “aaahhhhhh”. Can you feel it in the air? The cool crispness, the faint scent of apples and hay, the crunch of leaves under your feet. Fall is officially upon us and with that comes one of the most fun holidays. Halloween! You’re going to need some special gear to help with your haul of assorted gourds and we’ve got the perfect solution.

Multi-colored pumpkins and a tree lined walkway with fall colors

Picture this, you’re walking into the pumpkin patch with your crew of kids and they’re excitedly handing you pumpkin after pumpkin and squash after squash. This is all fun and games until you realize your max carry capacity is about 3 pumpkins at best. Here’s where the magic happens. CleverMade Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids to the rescue!

Woman pulling wagon with crate filled with pumpkins through pumpkin patch

We suggest grabbing a wagon or other wheeled cart provided by the pumpkin patch and putting the popped open crate right on top. Simply pull the wagon as your run around the patch with the kids and have them load up the crate as you go. When you’re ready to head out, grab the bin and load it in the back of the car.

 Toddler putting white pumpkins into a cheetah print tote

Another option for those adorable mini pumpkins is a fan favorite, the Collapsible LUXE Tote. We may be biased, but Cheetah print really does go nicely with fall. Keep the lightweight 30L tote collapsed in your hand until it’s time to fill and let the kids hang on to the smaller 20L tote. When you’re ready, pop open the totes and load ‘em up!

Happy pumpkin patching, apple picking, and every other fun filled fall activity this season!

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